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musume_no_hoshi 2009-06-17 14:20

Ideas for anime club? (for 12-15 year old girls)
I run a small anime club in my school, which is an all girls school. It's only the lower years that comes anyway, mostly 12-15 year olds. They all have no idea what they want to watch each week, so I usually bring 3 different genre of anime each week. We only watch one episode a week anyway, since it's just a lunch time club. I kinda made it so I got more things to write on my personal statement :uhoh:

I'm somewhat out of ideas for any more anime episodes. This is the requirement :

-NO FANSERVICE, absolutely no fanservice. Meaning no panty shots or boob shots. (Fanservice as in cat ears or maid costume is fine)
-Not too violent, some blood is fine.

Requirements that I would like :

-Not to girly, we've been watching too much girly shows. Lets not talk about how much mahou shoujo we seen.
-Not too otaku, they're what you call 'Sailor moon/Tokyo Mew Mew/Cardcaptor Sakura little fangirls', they're not going to understand otaku jokes. Only 1 other girl seen Haruhi (not counting my friend who's organising too).
-Something that is generally considered to be a good show, something that is generally seen as 'interesting'. Hey...they found bleach as 'original'.
-Something that does not talk too fast for people that is not used to watching subs.
-Something that has an XVID version, lets just say my school computers are pretty crap AND I got to use VLC/Mplayer portable, meaning sub rendering is pretty bad.

Stuff we seen, to my memories that is (I swear we watched more then this, but my mind is blank...):

Cardcaptor Sakura
Princess TuTu
Vampire Knight (oh god..I wanted to die while watching it)
Sailor Moon
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Shows I kind of plan to watch:

K-on - It is pretty safe, as long as you don't have a corrupted mind
Azumanga Daioh - I personally don't find it that funny myself, but I think it'll be okay for them
Special A - it's pretty medicore...
Earl and Fairy - it's VERY medicore, even Nana and Hikaru can't save this...waaay too girly and the just facepalm
Nodame Cantabile - The art isn't the prettiest thing is it? I think they like pretty stuff...
Fullmoon Wo Sagashite - Let's not even start on the animation...and girly too
Ouran High school host club - There's quite a bit of Otaku/fujoshi jokes in this, I definately enjoyed it while it was still airing even back then I didn't get much of the jokes.
Clannad - ...erm...nothing really much happens in the first episode. I think it'll bore the little girls to death, AS is amazing.
Hetalia Axis Powers - Okay, I'm bised on this one...I won't lie.

Heh..that's the simple run down I guess. Even if I ask them what they want to watch...-blank faces-

Exar Kun 2009-06-17 14:52

How about:

Kanon 2006
Hunter x Hunter

If you've got time for movies then anything by Miyazaki.

jedinat 2009-06-17 16:44

I'm thinking Kaleido Star and Uchuu no Stellvia. Not too girly, but still appealing to younger girls I'd think--and both good.

Pixelation 2009-06-17 19:06

Lovely Complex is a very good, not too girly, fanservice free love-comedy. It should meet most of your requirements.

His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano) comes to mind too. The recaps before each episode are actually helpful for once a week showings (as opposed to marathon viewing, where they're slightly annoying...)

Fruits Basket is quite good (I particularly like the Dub) and should be safe enough if I recall.

Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu is tons of fun at group showings. There is some fanservice in a few of the episodes, but given the episodic nature of the show you can simply weed out those episodes and no one would be the wiser.

At 3 min per episode, you can squeeze in a few doses of Chi's Sweet Home any time you have spare time to kill. It's cute and simple. I enjoyed it.

I can't recall if School Rumble has fanservice that would get it disqualified or not...

I think Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 is safe till the last episode which has nudity but you might have to check behind me on that, it's been awhile...

The Slayers TV series as recommended should be fine, while the OVAs/Movies have Naga bouncing about in her black leather sorceress outfit (what little there is of it...)

Er... I think everything I recommended besides Lovely Complex is licensed so I can only hope that thing has a DVD drive at least. So much of what I know that isn't disqualified by fanservice or violence is disqualified by the likelyhood of boring a pack of young girls ^^'

Zippicus 2009-06-17 21:41

You could take a look at Natsume Yuujinchou and the sequel. It should meet all the requirements and it's a really good show.

ddwkc 2009-06-17 22:40

Try Twin Spica and Uninhabited Planet Survive. They are very good kid shows and teach teamwork as well.

Seconding all pixelation's and jedinat's rec and Natsume Yuujinchou.

Girly stuff:
- Skip Beat!
- Ashita no Nadja
-Gakuen Alice
-Glass Mask
-Someday's Dreamers

Not so girly:
-Victorian Romance Emma
-Bamboo Blade
-Yakitate Japan
-Cross Game
-Hanada Shounen Shi
-Jigoku Shoujo

Do a Ghibli run as well. All Ghibli stuff you can find. Maybe Ocean Waves and Only Yesterday can be hard to be truly enjoyed and Grave of Fireflies may be overly sad.

Sackett 2009-06-18 00:05


Lets see, you already have K-On down. Of the currently airing shows I would also strongly suggest Cross Game.

You've already checked out Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood- have you considered the first version of Fullmetal Alchemist? Or is that too confusing?

Chrono Crusade is a possibility. It has a Tomboy protanganist, and a wacky premise. A nun with a gun hunting demons in 1920's America. It might be a good introduction to the way Japanese anime tends to treat nuns as mikos (shrine maidens). I don't remember much fan service other than the 3rd episode when she's in Vegas in disguise and is wearing an evening gown with a high leg slit (but that's mainly so she can draw her gun). I think in a late episode there is some clothing damage, but I can't think of much else.

Read or Die has superhero spandex, but other than that no fanservice. Think X-men meets Bond flick, but with a mousy librarian in the James Bond role. Also, only 3 episodes long. Has a good English Dub (if that matters).

Inuyasha was really popular I know. I haven't watched much of it myself, but I don't think it had much fanservice. It's an adventure shounen anime, but with a strong female lead, and a very good dub. (In fact I know many who find the English Dub better than the original Japanese).

Another oldie to consider is Kimagure Orange Road. Which along with Maison Ikkoku is considered one of the classics of anime romance. (Unfortunately Maison Ikkoku is out because they have a minor character wlking around in a see through nightie for a few episodes in the first season). I haven't seen many episodes, but it seems okay.

Lucky Star does have a lot of okatu in-jokes, but even thought I missed most of them I still thought it was funny and a good show. Many of the jokes revolve around general slice of life. Still might be a bit to much based on your conditions.

Full Metal Panic is a possibility. Unfortunately in the first episode there is a rather blatant panty shot. Although it's all due to the camera angle, so no attention is brought to it in the show (like most panty shots) and in fact despite being blatant I never noticed it until it was pointed out to me. You might want to see it first and judge for yourself. Full Metal Panic: Fumuffu is straight comedy to the first season's drama and comedy mix. Other than the Hot Spring episode and the final episode I don't think there is any fanservice. (Those two episodes have massive amounts though). As pointed out, Fumuffu is episodic and so you can easily skip those episodes.

The last anime I can think of that you might want to check out is Ah! My Goddess (sometimes marketed as Oh! My Goddess in the US.)

SeijiSensei 2009-06-18 00:56

If you want a real change of pace, how about Princess Mononoke followed by Twelve Kingdoms? Two serious adventure stories with spectacular young female protagonists, both of which are just enough older than your audience to be role models. If you'd prefer a touch of romance, you could show Saiunkoku Monogatari instead. They'd get a nice bunch of bishies to ogle in that show along with a strong female protagonist. (Though none of the bishies in that show hold a candle to the Emperor of En from Twelve Kingdoms. He's that thoughtful-looking guy over in my current avatar.)

I'd guess men do more of the ogling in Claymore, but it's the strength of character displayed by these women that gives the story its appeal. Frankly it's pretty violent at times, and the tone of the program is fairly adult. Nonetheless it's a strong adventure with an almost totally female cast. My daughter enjoyed it at fifteen.
Spoiler for Claymore fanservice?:

Up until now I've only listed programs that are licensed in R1. I don't know what shows are licensed in the UK; it's possible Claymore or Saiunkoku might be not licensed in your region. Looking at your list of proposed shows, I see some like Nodame that I'm pretty sure are available only in fansubs in both our countries. Before you embark on showing unlicensed materials, I suggest you have a talk with your school administration about it. They may have legal or other concerns that you may not have considered.

If we can wander into the unlicensed universe, I'd toss out two recent plucky-girl adventures, Nijuu Mensou no Musume and Shion no Ou. (Though Nijuu Mensou isn't licensed in R1, it's not listed on AnimeSuki because it's an MFI title). Both these shows require pre-screening, not for fanservice, but for violence and drama.

Spoiler for Nijuu Mensou no Musume:
Spoiler for Shion no Ou:

I'd recommend Kemono no Souja Erin, but you won't get to finish watching it until next semester at the earliest.
Spoiler for prescreening:

If you're going to ignore my more adventuresome suggestions and pick a romance, I'd second Pixellation's recommendation of Kare Kano. I watched it a few years ago and thought it seemed rather true to the experience of adolescence and was told in an intelligent way. My daughter (17 now) watched Bokura ga Ita recently and enjoyed that as well. In both shows the subject of sex between the principals is an issue, but neither as far as I know have much if any fanservice.

I'd also endorse School Rumble though you probably should watch the beach episodes before deciding if it has too much fanservice or not. There are scenes where characters walk into rooms and discover naked members of the opposite sex. There are scenes where the girls wear skimpy bikinis, and the boys estimate their cup sizes. It's all in good fun and nothing "bad" ever really happens, but it parodies adolescent sexuality in a knowing way. Otherwise I'd say School Rumble is a great choice for you -- except for the fact that the anime school is co-ed!

A couple of episodes of Chi is a great idea as well. Or, if you're not surfeited with shows about "tweeny witches" there's, well, Tweeny Witches. Trust me, it's not a traditional mahou-shoujo show; it's a very loose, and rather dark and mature, riff on Alice in Wonderland. Tweeny Witches episodes are quite short and usually include a brief recap at the beginning so they might fit your schedule.

Natsume Yuujinchou is another great choice, but you can't watch it on Crunchyroll because you're in the UK.

Nodame Cantabile is an excellent show, but it might bore some of your viewers. If you think they'll all be willing to sit through 2-4 minute performances of classical music, then it's a great choice.

I'm more dubious about Slayers because it might feel too "old" to these girls. It feels old to me.

Finally, I'll suggest Narutaru, the show with the most deceptive opening episode I've ever watched. The characters are just the same ages as your viewers, and, while the story is dark indeed, this issues it portrays are important ones in the lives of many younger adolescents. A wide variety of girls appear in this show, and they display a very wide variety of motives and behavior. You'd need to prescreen all of this one.

grylsyjaeger 2009-06-18 04:33

Most of what I'd suggest has already been said so I'll just list one more show:

Ginban Kaleidoscope

It has a sad ending though; you have been warned.

Journeyman 2009-06-18 10:52


I run a small anime club in my school, which is an all girls school
since it's just a lunch time club. I kinda made it so I got more things to write on my personal statement
God forbid from writing it like that on your personal statement.
You can plagiarise Genshiken and call it just a "club" or "club for study of modern visual arts", but do not spell it out clearly :p

Sasano 2009-06-18 17:48

Scrapped Princess, has a nice plot up from the start, and it doesn't have fanservice as far as I remember, it barely has romance since the protagonist are family.

I think its simple enough to catch interest from just one episode and it has some nice characters.

chikorita157 2009-06-18 19:31

Air TV: I have recently watch about 4 episodes of the R1 release and it's a pretty good show with good drama. Although Air have some romance elements, it's mostly drama. There is no fanservice since it's Kyoani after all, but there are alot of supernatural elements that involves with three girls (Misuzu, Kano and Minagi) which are linked to the past and a male lead (Yukito)... Although there are more girls than males in Air, it's not that girly for my experience and should be similar to other Key adaptions (Kanon and Clannad)

Mistypearl 2009-06-27 07:03


I run a small anime club in my school, which is an all girls school. It's only the lower years that comes anyway, mostly 12-15 year olds. They all have no idea what they want to watch each week, so I usually bring 3 different genre of anime each week. We only watch one episode a week anyway, since it's just a lunch time club. I kinda made it so I got more things to write on my personal statement
Oh God, I was practically pushed on the role of my all girl's high school anime club position, so I'll try to help you out xD Feel the pain!! (I'm just scared out of my mind though, you seem you have it down <_< )

Ghost Hunt might be good, it's not tooo shojo-ey, it is a bit scary, but it's still entertaining. Shugo Chara is a bity girly, but for the first episode Amu is definately more cool and spicy than sappingly sweet, it's a good first ep. as well. Well that's all I thought of besides repeats, hope that helps!

-KarumA- 2009-06-27 14:14

Angelic layer
Magic Knight Rayearth

seconding Fruits Basket and all Studio Key ones

Guardian Enzo 2009-06-27 14:50

Wow, there's some pretty ecchi stuff in some of these suggestions!

Some I'd consider - Kamichu, Petopeto-san, Pita Ten, Gakuen Alice, anything Ghibli (especially...nah, never mind, anything), Yoshinaga no Gargoyle.

Sugar_Prayer 2009-06-28 18:54


Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo (Post 2476026)
Wow, there's some pretty ecchi stuff in some of these suggestions!

Some I'd consider - Kamichu, Petopeto-san, Pita Ten, Gakuen Alice, anything Ghibli (especially...nah, never mind, anything), Yoshinaga no Gargoyle.

Kamichu is a very cute anime! I recommend it!! No fanservice, no otaku jokes, no blood.

Hmm..... what else...?

Sackett 2009-06-28 21:07

Cross Game

The first episode is basically the backstory for the rest of the anime, and so therefor works as a stand alone story.

It will move everyone watching it to tears. Also, it represents a genre that's pretty common in America too- Coming Of Age story as experienced through baseball.

PS: Oops... I see I already recommend it, I missed it when I scanned over my last post... oh well, hope you took the chance to check it out the first time I recommended it- if not, well it's worth a second recommendation.

Sugar_Prayer 2009-06-29 08:45

Oh yeah! To Heart! A wonderful, heart-warming anime appropriate for all ages!

The Chaos 2009-06-29 10:38

I'm with Fruit Basket and lovely Complex :D

Lostdreams 2009-06-29 15:55

HoneyxClover and Fruits Basket are the only things I can think of. Maybe RomeoxJuliet and Haibane Renmei.

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