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Ral 2003-11-12 21:50

Problems taking Screenshots
I been trying to do it in BSPlayer but whenever I take one, it comes out all messed up. Heres an example

p3psi 2003-11-12 21:57

are you taking the screen shot striaght from a dvd?

do you have the latest bsplayer? bs 1.0 is the latest

Dark Zero 2003-11-13 01:15

I forget since I don't use BSplayer, but aren't you supposed to run it in some mode to be able to take the screenies properly? I forget the mode.....-_-

ElvenPath 2003-11-13 09:05


1. make sure the software conversion for capture settings are not checked in general preferences.

2. try disabling overlay or using VMR9 mode in bsplayer's video preferences.

RavenChild 2003-11-13 09:16

if you had overlay on then it would just be a box w/o anything close to a picture. overlay takes a color and "places" the picture over any pixles w/ that color hence the name overlay.

Youko 2003-11-13 12:30

aha! Thank you for posting this.. I have been meaning to do it myself. I am getting the same problem.

Which is really weird.. Because when I first got BSplayer the screencapture worked perfectly. Then.. When I tried to take a screen a few months ago.. It gave me that colourfull crap your getting now. I havn't installed any new drivers or codecs, so I'm not sure what happened.

I'll try what you said AST, thanks.

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