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npcomplete 2009-06-22 10:26

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru second season?
.. anyone know what became of it?

Phantasmagoria 2009-06-22 23:43

Wow, great minds think alike? :heh:

Kidding, but just awhile ago I was googling for its second season (I loved this series back then) and there seems to be nothing of yet.. (It's year 2009 already), without knowing there's a thread on this, haha.

It's high likely that they've dropped this series..

plmko 2009-06-23 00:06

The shrinking anime market caused a lot of studios to cancel and rethink a lot of their anime. I would think this anime is another victim of that restructuring.

musume_no_hoshi 2009-06-23 11:39

If I remember correctly, the DVDs sold around 10k or very near to 10k. Since this anime did not have the best animation/production values, 5k should be enough to pay for it. So this anime is probally quite a success.

I thought they just forgot about it, and moved on to something else...I would love another weird fairy tale mash up. I really loved Tsunderella. This isn't Haruhi, I think they just cancelled it in the end. I doubt they'll troll us like this.

aroduc 2009-06-23 15:47

There were never any plans for a second season. There were some unfounded rumors when the last DVD was released, but absolutely nothing with any substance beyond "some guy on the internet thinks there might be more."

JackSparrowRon 2009-09-07 10:16

So far, I haven't seen any news on anything regarding an Otoboku second season, though I really wish they would...

Them dropping the series... seems like the most plausible explanation here. Gawd, that's just sad. T~T

Beo 2009-09-07 23:10

Looking through a lot of older forums of years past, there seems every year there is a rumor of the second season coming out that year. My prediction is that there will be a rumor this year of a second season.

Don't hold your breath waiting.

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