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izmosmolnar 2009-06-26 09:17

So hm... Seeing that Mangagamer (some NSFW pictures in the link. woo they finally changed their mascot) released it's new Visual Novel called Kira-Kira (VNDB link) a few days ago, I was interested in opinions whether it's worth it's price to buy (36,95 Euro)
I couldn't find any opinion about the japanese version here either, hence the new topic.
Some game information:
Spoiler for Game + character information, plot summary etc. spoiler for saving space.:
Spoiler for HQ Opening movie (there's no need to click on the HQ icon):

So is there any one here who played either the english or the japanese version? I'm wondering how long are the character routes, is the humor similar to the funny Edelweiss (seeing that the creator is the same japanese company), how did you liked the story, how interesting you found the character-routes, and other sort of impressions-opinions.
If you played the english version I'm also interested to know the quality of the translation, as Edelweiss was "not quite good" in that regard (I think it was quite confusing for a non-english native like me).
The plot summary (and some charactertraits too) looks kinda like how I imagined K-On to be (except the protagonist's circumstances obviously).

Edit2: English demo version here or here.

Kudryavka 2009-06-26 17:52

Reminds me of the storyline of K-ON!.

Sterling01 2009-06-26 18:47

Those ears....

7h3 Ru551an 2009-06-26 19:41

must play!!!!

izmosmolnar 2009-06-28 05:55


Originally Posted by Sterling01 (Post 2474460)
Those ears....

I take it you haven't played it either Sterling, right?

Well those ears don't bother me really, they kinda look like my own lol. (And no I'm no monkey, it's just a characteristic family-trait).

I've heard the translation is a lot better than Edelweiss was, but there are still several inconsistencies especially at the later parts. It's somehow sad, that fan-translations are largely more accurate/detailed translations than the commercial works. Shouldn't it go the other way around?

I think I'm gonna give it a try when my new card arrives (they didn't accepted my existing cards for some reason *sigh*).
I wish they could have made a short free demo so one could gouge the translation quality and see the character introductions or something.

edit: and I also dislike it's solely digital distributed. I kinda want to have it on a shelf. Some shiny looking box would be cool even though it makes the price more expensive. They could have made two versions, one download only, and one internationally shipped boxed version (or even send a japanese original boxed version with some kinda localizing patch).

Kudryavka 2009-06-29 23:10


Originally Posted by izmosmolnar (Post 2477178)
It's somehow sad, that fan-translations are largely more accurate/detailed translations than the commercial works. Shouldn't it go the other way around?

Because fan translations run on love, while commercial translations (in such a small corner of the Western gaming scene) run on money.
Red is better than green, my friend.

d-one 2009-06-30 02:40

If I don't mistake, 2ch vote it as the best eroge in 2007

currently playing it and I really like the story

the fuck special practice really make my day :heh:

izmosmolnar 2009-06-30 02:50

Indeed. It's the second voted in 2007 by 2ch. source.
(I think my new card arrives today hopefully...)

How's the translation so far by the way?

edit: Oh, I embedded the HQ OP, for whoever is lazy to search for it.

d-one 2009-06-30 05:03

the translation is better but there is still some few mistake here and there (well, I never played another mangagamer games beside this before so I can't really compare it :heh:)

the more I play it, the more I feel that the story doesn't really play like another love story since we got more portion about the music and the characters feeling toward music

ehrik 2009-07-01 02:07

Its honestly one of the best eroge I've ever played in my life. There were some parts where the writer could have fleshed out some scenes, create some less abrupt ending (Kashiwara route ended a little too soon imo..) and where there could have been more graphics that related to the text.

But its great overall. I highly recommend it, music is great too.

I hated K-on, but I really liked this.

Also wondering but is there multiple endings for some characters, asking this to whoever got 100% completion.

d-one 2009-07-01 06:55

my friend tell me there is 5 bad ed (including the yaoi ed :heh:), 3 ed for each girl, and the true ed that unlocked after you saw all the ed

damn, I hope this will get an anime since the ps2 ver. is out this year and there's already some music concert (featuring the real star generation) for this game and others rock 'n roll game by overdrive

ehrik 2009-07-01 12:21

Does the true end start right after you finish the last girl? Or is it like FSN/Tsukihime style and has it right on the title screen after you're done?

edit: My friend who completed it before me is asking if its the ending where


edit 2: Just finished Kirari Route....I hated her at first, but she had the most beautiful route ;_; I inadvertently saved the best for last ;_;

edit 3: So many edits...for those who are curious one route run through is about as long as one route in Fate/Stay Night. So around 13-15 hours. Other routes are longer (kashiwara's is the shortest), Kirari is the longest, chie is mid sized. All of them share the first half though.

Rawgers 2009-07-01 12:22

Mm enjoying the game so far. The animation is pretty well done, music well done, and the character voices well done. Only thing is that I have to get used to the monkey ears =/.

BTW, does anyone have a link to a walkthrough?

izmosmolnar 2009-07-02 03:24


Originally Posted by Rawgers (Post 2484550)
BTW, does anyone have a link to a walkthrough?

There is one actually.
http://www.japanesebirdcookingspaghe.../kirakira.html (Best domain-name ever)

I finally got it. And lol at the big guy (screenshot) , he's like almost as awesome as Clannad Sunohara (or they might be on the same level), I keep laughing on him so much.
Spoiler for Murakami:
The other quote I laughed so much was:
Spoiler for Watching a Live performance DVD about Sex Pistols:
My only complaint so far is Kirari's voice. It's just... loud, whiny, and sharp while the others sounds quiet and normal. Surprising how is she going to be the singer with such a voice, it irks me a bit.
Anyway I made some other screenies too if anyone's interested and curious.
Punkrock is all about appearance!
The very first practice

So which girl should I first aim for first? Shall I go with Kirari, because after finishing her I could turn the voice-acting back on? (There's no way I'm going to listen on her with voice on)

ehrik 2009-07-02 09:21

Best order IMO is Kashiwara > Chie > Kirari if you want the most out of the game.

Save best for last. And yeah, I hated Kirari's voice too :< But singing is top notch.

DeotoxSlayer 2009-07-02 17:18

What was its release date???

izmosmolnar 2009-07-02 17:53

According to the Visual Novel database, 24 of June 2009.

I'm on Kashiwara's route by the way, I love the game's humor so far. I actually think it's even funnier than Edelweiss was. The fuck-training was like pure gold, I probably haven't laughed so much since EVE Burst Error maybe.
Spoiler for joke @fuck-training:
I wish they would have made the option to mute specific characters down, like some games used to do nowadays, so I wouldn't have to listen on Kirari.
She's like every sentence she says either has an "ANO NE!" (I guess it's something fillerish as IDK it's meaning) or a "DAIJODA" (~it's all right) (and I think there's a third something she frequently says).

ehrik 2009-07-03 11:46

Yeah you can mute specific chars, go to Sound Settings in the config menu and you can check off Kirari.

Also yeah the fuck training was epic haha

Sugar_Prayer 2009-07-03 17:08

What a cute name for a game!!

If only my parents would allow me to play pervy games like this... *sigh* ._.

izmosmolnar 2009-07-03 19:43

Well I wouldn't say pervy on it (that'd mean I'm also some sort of pervert I think :uhoh: ), as I've probably read about 8 hours of the story (I'm advancing slowly this time), and I haven't seen anything echii yet. It's basically like an alternative K-ON Visual Novel, really nothing extraordinarily weird. Even the characters kinda harmonizes with their K-ON counterpart in a loose sense IMO.

@ehrik, thanks I really didn't know that. Even the review I've read about the japanese version said that the option was missing. That's probably an improvement caused by the localization (and what a nice feature is it to mute Kirari down :heh: )

Anyway I reached my first ending! The GAY ending! Oh, God, I laughed so much on that shit... Seriously I haven't expected that twist!
Spoiler for heavy spoiler about the GAY end, which is a bad end.:
I made a couple of other screenies along the way, take a look, nothing spoilerish.
The "girls" performing at the first concert
Going on a tour with Ever17 Coco's long lost relative on the backseat
It's a tarp!

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