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Guernsey 2009-06-28 21:32

Donating an old computer
I am not advertising but I am asking if there is a place where I can to donate or even sell the computer I have. It is not really old (I'd say early 2000) but ast the same time it is not something brand spankin' new either, I know I am better off buying a neew computer but I want to know any places where I can at least donate it or sell it? I know about EBay.

chikorita157 2009-06-28 21:39

There are non-profits you will be able to donate it like your local school or a church. Search online for local donation centers you will be able to donate your old computer...

Another note is that you should completely reformat your HD and zero your data off your HD so no one will be able to try and retrieve your old files. After doing that, you should reinstall the OS the computer came with or install Linux which is free and can be downloaded from the internet.

Claies 2009-06-28 21:41

If you live in the United States, look for a local FreeGeek branch.

Ledgem 2009-07-01 21:43

If you donate your system to a charity-type organization you should also be eligable for a tax refund. Ask the organization you donate to about it - usually they have some form where you specify what you donated and how much it's worth, and then the organization signs off on it.

Not that you should donate just for that reason, but it's nice to get something back for doing so (and if you don't pay taxes yet, it's something you might be able to pass along to your parents).

Guernsey 2009-07-31 21:14

I am trying to fix an old PC to sell on EBay or Donate it to some charity but I want to transfer my current computer settings to other one so that I won't have to go to the process of setting every thing up again. I used the Files and Settings Tranfer Wizard to transfer some of my settings to the othew PC but the FAST Wizard on the other PC doesn't see the files that I placed on my disks and Removable Disk. am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way to transfer old files to the new PC?

SeijiSensei 2009-08-01 07:43

You might want to read these:

They provide a mixture of practical tips and some information on the legal issues involved with donating computers running Windows. Computers running open operating systems like Linux or one of the BSD's can be donated without any complications. Donating a computer with Windows installed requires that you transfer the license and accompanying documentation as well. Macs probably have similar limitations since in both cases your transferring your license to the software along with the hardware.

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