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4Tran 2009-06-29 21:55

Sora Kake Girl - Episode 26 Discussion / Poll (FINALE)
Welcome to the discussion thread for Sora Kake Girl, Episode 26.

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serenade_beta 2009-06-29 22:16

What a wonderful final episode (Super 棒読み)

Well, for one thing, Nami was probably the most poor of the sisters, huh... Kagura pretty much gives a simple apology for everything she did to Nami, and goes back to having her little fun despite helping the bad side for so long. In the meantime, that heroine (*snort*) gets a good end. And Nami... gets captured by Tsutsuji and grinds her teeth over losing...
Yeah... (T_T)
Though I'm glad Nami didn't suddenly go back to the good side by some horrible plot twist(?) like the other two. Bad guy to the end. Good.
By the way, hmm... Straight hairstyle looks better... Hmm... Umm~... Well, it wasn't that bad before...? Mmm.............. Cute bow too.

Story/Script as chaotic as ever, but after the previous episodes, you know... Well... Heh.
Feel sorry for every plot line ignored though. Like Hako-chan and the people that worked for Nerval.
Ah~ah, how did the script turn out like this... Wonder if the economic recession brought a recession in the script writer too... And then, this visual quality. This great and unfitting visual quality.
...Wait, this isn't the final impressions thread... I'll leave it until then, I guess...

Akiha... No, nevermind. Ahahahaha...

And so, the train wreck ends. Hai... Good work, everyone, see you tomorrow~

Jeffry2009 2009-06-29 22:25

Nami must be stopped ONCE AND FOR ALL!! :upset:

God I've been eager for waiting for this. No wonder i've been unnerved with those Liars & cheaters (nerval?) in this show. :(

at last, still don't understand what's goin on.

ThoHell 2009-06-29 23:04

Sigh... and Nami was just begging in become an awesome villain. But anyways, clear favoritism and isolation from begging to end. Yeah, Nami had issues and need to mature, but form begging to end she was casted aside from everyone. Everyone told her she must make her own choice and then completely left her, but while for Akiha people were always supporting her. Wow look at the end, everyone all rejoicing but not a concern in the world for Nami. But anyways, I just felt like they completely gave her the short end of the stick, the destined from begging to suffer.

panpo98 2009-06-29 23:50

Nami did end up with the only person I thought could reach Nami if given enough time.

Sixth 2009-06-30 00:07

The whole series doesn't matter anymore.

Akiha Kick >>>> Falcon Punch.

It is all matter.

Kon the Magnificent 2009-06-30 00:47

short end of the stick is an understatement....that's not right.....damn....I hoped for something better for an ending between Nami and her family....not all this happy crap between Akiha and friends

sorry if I sound like a bastard...but damn....damn...and damn

but on the plus, I kinda hoped Nami would end up with Tsutsuji as partners...which gives me a bit of hope of Nami being an anti-hero if they do a sequel, a bad ass sequel....

I guess my prediction from eariler about the Shishido Family showing no signs of missing or caring about Nami. Well so it seems, because I haven't seen the sub version yet, but that's what it looks like.

but on another note, if they chose to do a squel, let's see some serious, I mean some serious changes between the interaction of the Shishido Family and interactions between other characters in general because everyone, I mean everyone is too damn happy....its pretty annoying if you seriously think about it.

Of course I'm probably being biased because of what happened with Nami and how Akiha is all happy in the end with Imo-chan(love her) and friends, while her sister is god who knows where with Tsutsuji.

Dammit show some worry for your little sister even if she did go crazy(mostly because of the neglect and treatment of her family if I got anything from the show)

DragonBladeX 2009-06-30 01:06

Smells like an OVA might in the works, ala Mai-Otome Zwei (if they ever get to expanding the afterstory :heh:).

Overall, it was a decent ride, though I think SRW fans got a lot more kick out of it with the references and stuff.

Spoiler for Nerval's true face:

Then again, the ending felt kinda meh to me. While Nami did get the short end of the stick, at the very least though Kagura apologized to her, which is somewhat of major treatment compared to the ones she has been through.

panpo98 2009-06-30 01:36

Wasn't it Nami that wanted to be left alone to begin with?

Akiha did try to reach Nami a few times but was rejected violently everytime. It is not strange at all that she to decided to leave Nami alone in the end. Sooner or later most people stop try reaching people like that and (in best case) let someone else handle it.

Tsutsuji (glases girl) is problably the only person that have any chance to reach Nami at this point or drag Nami out of her current mood. Both of them seems to have similar moods or depressing history.

Seravy 2009-06-30 02:13

I SHAT BRIX END ' ')bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
i was half expecting a train treck, and just before Nerval's "sacrifice" wondering if they were gonna leave resolution of the conflict with him up in the air but they somehow squeezed that in LOL. Nonsensical developments aside, the finale did deliver action wise (TSUTSUJI!!) and kept me enthralled all the way to the climax. I guess the only thing I really regret about this series is Takane being under utilized, and Nami being an excessive bitch (though bathtub end kinda made up for that).

faervas 2009-06-30 02:50

Nami from the start is selfish. She wanted everyone to stop what they were doing to deal with her minor life issues. She thought she should be more popular because she was more attractive than Aklha. Her obsession about Akiha mental state drove her action she wanted Akiha to suffer for existing and blocking everyone from seeing her greatness. In here mind the more Akiha was hurt the better she felt about herself. The fact that Akiha was not competing in the game drove her to be more cruel. every time they would meet she was astonished that Akiha was oblivious to their Rivalry. In real life Distance seems to be the one sure way of healing this type of sisterly dysfunction.

Now is she Wrong in her feeling about the situations? Well yeah because of chance of birth order Akiha is the one everyone protects and pays attention to. She is important to the human race yet she really has not skills or drive to improve her superduper important skill. She just needs to be in the right spot at the right time and her genes will do the rest. I think that's kind of the joke of the whole show. Destiny will overcome all and being inwardly and outwardly very cute.

Kon the Magnificent 2009-06-30 03:06

i admit, the girl was selfish, really selfish, hell even irritated me to hear her say the line 'more popular than me', but I still believe what she said(about Akiha and on some level everyone else) was right, even if her actions were wrong...terribly so.

Still doesn't stop her for being my favorite character on the show...even with her attidude, maybe because I can relate to her on some level, if not completely(except for the psychotic break down).

But y'know, I'm thinking, if they do an OVA, will Nami return as a hero, a bigger villian, or my favorite an Anti-Hero who only follows her own rules and on some level Tsutsuji's. However if they do decide to do one, I think it would be best if it took place like four or five years later, let people develop and relationships strengthen, and people to recover mentally, and become stronger

what do you all think?

Seravy 2009-06-30 03:10

i'd be all for it. they left alot of loose ends (box people, other space factions, what happens to earth), so a continuation wouldn't be unwelcome. something like tsutsuji's counter attack, with nami appearing as a masked character.

serenade_beta 2009-06-30 03:18


Originally Posted by Kon the Magnificent (Post 2481579)
what do you all think?

Since I prefer characters that are evil to stay evil, I'll have to disagree with your idea. Ah~... Just imagining Nami like that makes my heart ache... :T_T:

Kaioshin Sama 2009-06-30 04:51

So in the end it was just a quirky show that was fun and enjoyable as heck to watch with how it made fun of the classic mecha tropes and just chose to play around rather than have the most serious plot in the world, but you know what, I wish more mecha series could be more like this. Of course some people will always take it all more seriously then the show takes itself and be spoil sports, but I enjoyed it from pretty much episode 03 onward just spotting the mecha refs, enjoying the goofy character interactions and silly plot points (monsters in hot springs lol) and just going along for the ride that was Sora Kake Girl. Never would have thought this show had it in it when I saw all of those promo pictures, but it just goes to show you that you can't judge a mecha show by it's exterior. For what it was it handled itself extremely well.

People looking for ultra serious and gritty mecha series with intricate detailed plots need not apply though. This is a pure throwback to the good old fashioned cornball fun of 80's/90's mecha shows. The Pre-Evangelion breed like Brave Saga, Eldoran or the Tomino comedy mecha like L-Gaim and Xabungle.

Never saw Inazuma Kick from Akiha coming though.

It's just a shame this sub-forum lost so many viewers towards the middle on account of lack of subs.

P.S: I just found out that the series composer for this show also wrote the screenplay for my favourite episode of K-On (episode 08) as well, which certainly explains a ton in the long run and I mean a TON!

Sixth 2009-06-30 06:57

I like how Good Leopard show no hesitate to shoot down Nerval....

Deathkillz 2009-06-30 15:21

I'm just going to say that Nami needs a happy end of her own. The poor girl has been neglected, betrayed, beaten up, mentally scarred, betrayed again, beaten up and oh...left to "think things over for herself" aka...neglect...
I really don't know what makes Akiha shine so much that everyone is attracted to her and wants to be her friend but one is ever able to understand Nami and this is what makes her tragic and more care worthy than Akiha as a character.

golthin 2009-06-30 17:32

Even though Kagura seem to be the only one that cared about Nami, and was worried about her dying for overusing the staff, she was a little cold by leaving her there. She should have taken Nami with her instead of leaving her there to try to survive without any powers.

Kon the Magnificent 2009-06-30 18:20

Nami should have had some kind of happy ending, yes I understand she set herself up for failure by her actions, by not trying to reach out for her sisters, but who says she didn't at some point.

There's a possibility that she tried, but her sisters ignored her. I got that feeling from the interactions between the sisters from when Akiha returned from Leopard the first time around, when Kazane said she should've taken in Akiha's feelings and then added Nami as an after thought.

No one really knows how much drama went between Nami and her sisters before the series began. Nami probably stopped trying to reach out for her sisters, because they weren't meeting her halfway.

I don't know, but it would have helped if there were flashbacks

But anyone could tel that family wasn't stable, and it seems like crap that everyone got a happy ending, except for the Black Sheep that is Nami.

Yes I know, stop whining about it right? But come on, its a little much with all the crap she got, and how she got no real support from anyone.

I said it once, but let me say it again, how is that one character gets so much support, while another doesn't.

Is it because of one has a big destiny of being the 'Girl who leaps through Space' and the other was to be a model? Is it because one didn't run away from her so called destiny while the other did?

Let's stop here

If Akhia had no support, would she have gone through with it? We saw the girl with support from friends and family from day one, and seem to grow as time went on. But if she didn't have that, would she had went through with it, would she be like Nami so unstable, and had no support because she ran away.

It's quite amazing if you think about it

And then there's Nami who was in the modeling world with many against her, something we saw with her confrotation with the three girls, before she tried to assult out of frustration and then berated for it by the girl for running away and some crap I don't bother to remember.

To be told that, after saying she leave home and her sister no caring if she did, that's a lot for a fourteen year old, compared to a seventeen year old trying to find what it means to be the girl who leaps through space....with a hell of a lot of support from everywhere and one.

Um, my argument may be a big mess, but yeah, this is how I see things

Deathkillz 2009-06-30 18:40

Thankyou Kon, you are magnificent for taking the words out of my mouth.

The thing is here you can either sympathise with Nami or you can just see it as all being her fault. I for one sympathise with her as it is evident that the series did nothing to help her with her troubles as much as spoon feeding Akiha into submission and putting up with her endless acts of selfishness.

Who was the one who moaned about having responsibility thrown on her and who was selfishly emo when the potato died? Not to mention who was the one who spent the entire series wandering around aimlessly and not really taking anything to heart seriously enough. As some may say that Akiha did a lot, I see her as a waste of space who really never really did anything in the end besides shooting Leopard's toy gun and axe kicking his senses back. The rest? Well lets just say that Akiha is nothing without her friends but she herself is nothing special.

Back on topic, even as I see Akiha as being air and Nami being the golden tragic hero, there will always be people with the opposite opinion. No one is wrong or right (it's just that I am more right than you are...haha...harmless joke :p).

Saying that Nami brought it onto herself is unfair. She has a trauma, a scar from the past and from what I see, inferiority complex. She isn't going to easily sprout out calls for help because of this and who knows, maybe she did in the past and got the shaft from her siblings JUST like what happened here. Again I say that she was neglected.

On the defense that Akiha has been trying to communicate with her then I would question the sincerity behind that. I seriously doubt Akiha (in her half hearted attitude towards life in general) really understand Nami's problems and her showing concern is more like a passing whim now and then rather than truly understanding what makes Nami tick.

If she really did intend to get to know Nami then she would have tried harder to befriend her so to speak. Yet well...this wasn't shown at all was it? All the care I ever hear from Akiha was from the battle field and from shock to see Nami on the opposing side. Well sweet thoughts/words during such situations won't get you anywhere. How about trying to address it before it got to the point of war on the battle field?

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