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Dante of the Inferno 2009-07-01 02:44

Displaying Subtitles
So I have an mkv file with AVC video, Vorbis audio, and two ASS text files for subtitles. When using MPC - HomeCinema (this one uses the K-Lite Codec Pack due to the need for codecs which CCCP lacks), neither subtitle track displays (even though there is a place to click for them). When using VLC PLayer (I downloaded whatever else came with the player from the VLC site), the subtitles show up, but the picture at certain points becomes distorted/pixelated (not a CPU issue).

Is it that each player lacks a setting that the other has, or is it something else? I'd hate to have to pick apart the file and then re-encode it just to watch the subtitles.

Daiz 2009-07-01 06:17

So are you saying you have both CCCP AND K-Lite installed?

If yes, uninstall both of them, reboot and install CCCP again. What other formats do you need to play that CCCP doesn't? If you want to play Real Media, get Real Alternative Lite to go with CCCP. For QuickTime, get QT Alternative Lite.

Dante of the Inferno 2009-07-01 14:29

CCCP is NOT installed. It has K-Lite and whatever else was included in the initial download of VLC Player from the VLC site (i.e plug-ins).

Some streaming sites (i.e YouTube) don't have a link for downloading the vids, so I use Orbit to download the video files. Some of those files require a codec that even CCCP lacks.

Lvrhina 2009-07-01 15:42

I'm not smartest at this but first start off with

Media player classic

you might be able to find a better link

than CCCP

whenever it comes to me switching audio / video / subtitle track i just use FFDshow decoder to change up the available tracks

like i said sorry not good at explaining but hope that did help a bit, i seemed to always have trouble with vlc and codecs and even though i loved GOMplayer i found WMC works alot better with most codecs out there

DmonHiro 2009-07-02 04:04

There's your problem: VLC. Uninstall the POS and K-Lite, and install the latest CCCP with MPCHC.

TheFluff 2009-07-03 18:49

while vlc does suck, the one thing speaking for it is that it is completely self-contained and doesn't fuck with your system codecs, so keeping it won't hurt anything
(just don't watch fansubs in it, it has a ton of odd issues)

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