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SaintessHeart 2009-07-05 08:25

Applications Configurations Are Not Properly Set, Blah Blah Blah
Thought I would never post a question here ever. But here I go....

Recently, I bought myself a new computer after my old girl biri-biri-ed. Here are the specs :

MSI Eclipse X58 Plus Mobo
Intel i7 920 Processor
LG 22x DVD Drive
6GB RAM (though XP detects up to 3GB only)
MSI Nvidia 250GTS GPU
Creative Xi-Fi Xtreme

I ran Crysis Warhead and DMC4 totally fine until I bought Fallout 3. Keeps crashing when I took on Moira's quest for the Survival Guide at the last part (visiting the Robco Factory) for no apparent reason. Read the dxdiag but everything is fine. Also I can't seem to start the game from the damned launcher itself.

Did the following :

1. Patched to 1.5 (1.6 is unstable)
2. Ran C++ Redistributable 2008
3. Upgraded Windows Installer.
4. Updated software and audio drivers
5. Disable ffdshow for Fallout 3
6. Reinstalled

Still crashes. Any advice?

chikorita157 2009-07-05 09:58

You can try doing a clean install of the drivers.... Installing updated graphics drivers over the old one can cause problems when playing games and cause game crashes. Usually, the most recent drivers always fixes issues with video games with the drivers.

Also, don't disable ffdshow... instead, add Fallout 3 to the ffdshow's exception list.

Fallout 3 does seem to have a conflict with FFDShow codecs. You have to either uninstall them from your system or add fallout3.exe to FFDShow audio and video decoders exceptions list. Although you may not know it, FFDShow codecs may be present on your system if you have installed codec packs such as CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack).

How to add Fallout 3 to FFDShow decoder exceptions list

1. Launch the ffdshow video decoder configuration window. You may access this through the start menu. If you have installed any codec packs, check the start menu entries of those. If you can�t find it on the start menu, right click the ffdshow video decoder (red) icon that appears on the taskbar when a supported video file is playing, and select �ffdshow video decoder� option from the menu. ffdshow_icon

2. Tick the �Dont use ffdshow in� checkbox if not already checked

3. Press the edit button that is next to the text field. A new dialog box will pop up. Press the Add button. The �Add incompatible executable file� dialog box will be displayed. Browse to the Fallout 3 installation directory and locate fallout3.exe file. Select it and press open. Close all dialog boxes currently open by pressing ok.
(OR you can simply type fallout3.exe at the end of the text field next to �Dont use ffdshow in� checkbox)

4. Repeat steps 2-3 in ffdshow audio decoder configuration (the blue icon in taskbar) window as well. It is important that you add fallout3.exe to both ffdshow audio and video decoder�s expections list.

Also, try running the game directly without using the launcher... It's worth the try.

SaintessHeart 2009-07-05 19:51

I already tried that for ffdshow (probably which I meant disabling ffdshow for Fallout 3), still crashes out. Apparently the 1.6 patch made the game more unstable.

I installed the drivers from scratch, apparently doesn't work. I also disabled RAID.

After trolling through forums, it seems that people across the board are having the same problem.

P.S Apparently a friend of mine who got a pirated version got it running smoothly on XP. This is totally a screwed up piece of programming.

SaintessHeart 2009-07-07 04:03

DRMs are bullshit. A Scene group cracked Bioshock's 2 days after its release.

As far as I know, Nvidia's 186.18 driver is pretty stable for G200 series. I ran Crysis on extreme settings and everything is fine.

Vexx 2009-07-13 22:13

Your first phrase "Fallout 3 keeps crashing" is the most illuminating... Fallout 3 is a stupendous "fail" according to the gaming reviewers because its so unstable. Most credit seems to go to the DRM but the game itself appears to be "unfinished" by many counts.

Sorry, no suggestions other than pick up a crack... almost everyone I know ended up using Fallout 3 as a frisbee or picked up the cracked image.

Between Fallout 3 and and couple of other recent purchases (all crippled by Securom) - I now have a standing policy not to purchase any game with Securom. Period. No point in even giving them the $50 and rewarding them for such a butt-stupid decision.

chikorita157 2009-07-13 22:39

I had alot of problems with Securom... since EA (which is evil) decided to put Securom on the 6th expansion pack of Sims 2 (great way to shaft paying customers) and make my old Macbook Pro running Vista running weirdly... after applying the crack, the problem gone away and I used Securom removal tool to get rid of the DRM...

Securom is the worse DRM ever used, next to Starforce... I remembered people having alot of problems with Starforce with lowered performance, etc....

SaintessHeart 2009-07-16 23:11

Well it is just not Fallout 3 now. Red Alert 3 and COD5 seems to have their own ways too.

I can't exit RA3 without crashing, and can't run COD5 with sound. COD4 at ver 1.7.5 keeps crashing when I start the game even in safe mode. I have yet to try Mass Effect and ancient games like CLANNAD and LoliBusters.

Also I heard that Far Cry 2 has the same problems as Fallout 3, can anyone enlighten me on this?

Otherwise, everything else works fine.

P.S One thing I find interesting is that I can run Elder Scrolls : Oblivion without many glitches (other than shooting someone and make him fall off the castle wall down 800 feet, yet he still lives), yet Fallout 3 totally screws despite both using the same game engine.

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