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demon2004 2009-07-16 21:04

Tv turner
i went a picked up another computer today for my bedroom it's a compaq, it has an amd x2 7550 @2.5 and 3mb cache
3gb ddr2
320gb hd
i installed a 500watt power supply and an evga 9800gt now i want to install a tv turner but i don't really want to insall any thing else in my computer because i don't want to ad any more heat, now i was thinking of useing one of those usb tv turners with remotes, now if i use that would windows vista media center work with the usb turner or not, i have an turner on my other system and i like the way it works with it.:mad:

chikorita157 2009-07-16 21:09

Windows Media Center will work with any USB tuner, providing you installed the TV tuner drivers for it.

demon2004 2009-07-16 21:58

:cool:do you know of any good ones

SeijiSensei 2009-07-17 08:14

I'd start by browsing this thread:

Remember that you won't be able to record encrypted channels carried over cable or satellite services, only unencrypted (mostly over-the-air) channels. So you can record ABC, CBS, etc., but not ESPN, HBO, or the like. There are solutions to this; read the guide I linked to.

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