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rockstar1 2009-07-19 13:10

Compile Aegisub in Mac?
Hi, Recently i bought my first macbook, so i know that aegisub can run on mac osx, so i dowload this version Mac Build.

I run the build but the program have a fatal error. I want to compile de source of aegisub, but I don't found any good tutorial.
My first question ┐How can I install some dependencies?.

PD: Saludos:rolleyes:

chikorita157 2009-07-19 13:28

I wouldn't bother touching the Mac version of Aegisub at this time since there is no stable version, but I suggest running Aegisub on Windows using virtualization software such as VMWare Fusion, Parallels Desktop or Virtualbox and it will give you more features unavailable on Mac version and more stability...

If you still interested in trying to build the source, you need to install XCode Tools onto your hard drive and follow these instructions. XCode Tools is provided on your Mac OS X Restore discs which came with your computer.

rockstar1 2009-07-19 14:34

Thanks, I'll trying to compile my own version, but i think seriously with the second option.

TheFluff 2009-07-25 22:46

That version you found is over a year old. The Mac version still works even worse than the Unix version (and the Unix version isn't exactly very stable) but it's a lot better than it used to be. There are (or rather, will be) automatic builds available here, but they're from the SVN trunk and not from the stable 2.1.x branch, so they might be kinda broken sometimes. Try at your own risk.

If you're going to compile from source, I strongly recommend the 2.1.8 branch.

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