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Miko Miko 2009-07-21 13:50

Importing into Photoshop CS4
Okay i have Photoshop CS4 on my computer BUT it won't let me import a video file to make an animation, how do I do this?

It says its the wrong type of file, I looked on the itnernet but couldn't find anything what type of file is right, mine were .AVI

??? Any help appreciated!

-KarumA- 2009-07-22 04:34

usually to import something to make an avvy from it I use virtual dub, open the video with it and then export the frames as png files into a folder
that is what I use to import video frames to photoshop

from the adobe help website:
Open or import a video file (Photoshop Extended)

In Photoshop Extended, you can open a video file directly or add video to an open document. When you import video, the image frames are referenced in a video layer.

1. Do one of the following:

To open a video file directly, choose File > Open.

To import video into an open document, choose Layer > Video Layers > New Video Layer From File.
2. In the Open dialog box, for Files Of Type (Windows) or Enable (Mac OS), choose either All Readable Documents or QuickTime Movie.
3. Select a video file and then click Open.

You can also open video directly from Bridge: select a video file and then choose File > Open With > Adobe Photoshop CS4.

you could also check the "how to make gifs" page on the forums in the fancreation section

Miko Miko 2009-07-22 13:20

^ Thanks a lot for your help, I will try the above x

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