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Pellissier 2009-07-21 23:51

Spice and Wolf II - Episode 3 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Spice and Wolf II, Episode 3.

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Kaguya 2009-07-22 15:33

Important episode such as the episode 4 of a first season.
Episode with such feelings of tension is sometimes required for S&W.
But Lawrence is spineless guy this time.

The animation quality is good.
Spoiler for image of episode 3:
CM of DVD / Blu-ray made me smile.
Lawrence is pro-DVD and Mark is pro-Blu-ray.

typhonsentra 2009-07-22 16:15

So this is finally the episode with the big reveal eh? Can't wait.

serenade_beta 2009-07-22 16:47

...? The way the episode started left me :confused: since it felt like I missed an episode or something... Unless my memory has become flawed, I'm pretty sure Lawrence ran out when it was dark, right? Yet... Eh...

The rest of the episode was pretty good though, once I got a hold of the situation...
The part in the middle was unimpressive, but the part in the end was great. A depressing development, but seeing Horo go crazy like that made me smile, to be honest. And scary, but it was fun, fuhihi. Probably in an evil meaning...
Wonder what would be born? A werewolf?

Preview: .................................................. ?!

jeer 2009-07-22 17:25

It wolfs and the spice is the highest.

ThoHell 2009-07-23 01:13

AHHH, this is stupid! Not the series, I love this series, but what is taking place and the responses from people. I'm completely overwhelmed with words of anger that I can't type them all. But wow, that was some drama I haven't seen... oh Lawrence is an idiot did you know?

PREVIEW! PREVIEW! NO... it's THAT! Oh god, I'm already falling apart. What is this, tears in my eyes? It's the next episode, the intenseness. Oh man, I can hardly make out words....

Flo 2009-07-23 02:55

Episode 3 - Shit just hit the fan.

Spoiler for ep 3:

Spoiler for preview:

ThoHell 2009-07-23 02:59


Originally Posted by Flo (Post 2532537)
[spoiler=ep 3]
Spoiler for preview:

And that's why I'm sad and disappointed. To some degree there is understanding, but that's just a small amount,while the rest is.... yeah

Shiroth 2009-07-23 03:43


Originally Posted by Flo (Post 2532537)
Spoiler for preview:


NoOneKnowS 2009-07-23 07:29

Spoiler for Too hard to take:

MeoTwister5 2009-07-23 07:46

God I need to watch this episode nao before I start having withdrawal issues.

Mr. Anime 2009-07-23 11:45

i feel sry for everyone who watched this episode without knowing volume 3 of the novel.
stay strong and w8 till next week its definately worth it. its drama like this that makes an anime awesome

Kaoru Chujo 2009-07-23 12:06

In ep3, this show just raised itself up a notch. Hands up whoever saw that coming. I'm enjoying this new series at least as much as, even a bit more than, the original. And not just for the slightly increased fanservice.

One thing for sure, Koshimizu Ami is one of the very best seiyuu around. Her powerful symphony of emotions in this episode should become a legendary seiyuu performance: she went from laughing to crying, shouting to whispering, all with emotional force and technical brilliance.

I'm sometimes dismissive of "mere professional" seiyuu, but this is what high professional skill can do. Pairing her up with her highly professional friend Fukuyama Jun (she has looked after his cat when he goes away) is just a bonus.

And I want to add how much I am enjoying the OP. Like all good music, I enjoy it more the more I listen to it. ARAI Akino shows what professional musical skill can do, too. Great singing.

Mai Kawasumi 2009-07-23 12:07


Originally Posted by Mr. Anime (Post 2533366)
i feel sry for everyone who watched this episode without knowing volume 3 of the novel.
stay strong and w8 till next week its definately worth it. its drama like this that makes an anime awesome

Yeah me too, if you think the same as Flo about Horo in the preview

Spoiler for Horo:

Deathkillz 2009-07-23 12:58


Originally Posted by Flo (Post 2532537)
Episode 3 - Shit just hit the fan.

Couldn't have said it any better myself :heh:


Methuselah 2009-07-23 13:53


Originally Posted by Deathkillz (Post 2533539)
Couldn't have said it any better myself :heh:


I think Lawrence will be saying the last line. XD

SwiftStrike 2009-07-23 18:58

Spoiler for hmm:

Rawrs 2009-07-23 22:07

I don't think anyone will be disappointed with this episode. I just watched it and can safely say it's Spice and Wolf at its finest :)

Spoiler for Episode 3:

Revenger1589 2009-07-23 22:22

This is what S&W is all about, after an episode of little Horo and Lawernce interaction we get this. They used the first two episodes and most of this one as building up for drama, and it worked great.

Karlson 2009-07-23 22:25

The first half while not nearly as engaging (comparing that to the last part here :heh:) did a nice job building up to the end of episode and wow...what way they ended it indeed. Those last couple of scenes were extremely well done and really brought on alot of dramatic tension there. This wait for next week is gonna suck now, but god damn it'll be so worth it.

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