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Tsukimiya 2009-07-22 00:38

Plays for a while then restarts :S
Eh I have just finished a series from Bittorrent.

Am currently using either VLC or KMP player. Tried for both players already.

When I play the mkv files (tried all episodes already), it will play for a while then the mkv file will start from the beginning and play again.

Even when I try to skip to the middle of an episode, the same problem will occur.

Are the files corrupted or I'm using the wrong player? :S

Blanchimont 2009-07-27 13:17

Which series/episode by what group?

Without knowing that hard to give any advice. The KMPlayer should be able to handle mkvs internally, though doubtful about vlc.

As both use internal codecs/filters by default, unlikely to be a codec crash.

I mostly use KMPlayer and haven't encountered that particular problem...

tried media player classic (hc-mpc) with cccp?

sneaker 2009-07-27 17:14

Maybe a problem with ordered chapters?
As Blanchimont already said it would be good if you could state which releases you are trying to watch. And I'd test it with MPC + Haali's matroska splitter (with search for linked files enabled).

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