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Raiga 2009-07-23 21:30

Sub positioning on fullscreen MPC
I'm not clear on the proper terminology for this but you know those subs that tell you what onscreen text says? That are usually floating around at the relevant position on screen and angled to match and all?

Some of them change positions drastically or seemingly disappear altogether in fullscreen mode in MPC, although they work fine in windowed mode (exact same resolution in both cases).

It's not a huge issue since I can just exit fullscreen to see what the subs say, but it's a bit bothersome.

I suppose it should also be noted that I'm playing a ripped .ass with a different raw (since the original mkv was in lower resolution). I don't remember if it's happened to mkvs before. Oh yeah and I fooled around with the .ass to get the timing right but that shouldn't have changed anything other than the timestamps.

Revenger1589 2009-07-24 04:17


Originally Posted by Raiga (Post 2534434)
I suppose it should also be noted that I'm playing a ripped .ass with a different raw (since the original mkv was in lower resolution).

If the subs were made for a different video resolution they would appear misplaced, but if you say they look fine windowed the problem should be something else. Just to be clear, does this happen in the original mkv?

This could also be cause by your player's sub renderer, are you using Vsfilter or an internal renderer?

sneaker 2009-07-24 05:45

Happens to me all the time with MPC-HC. The only way to "fix" it is to go into options > subtitles > default style and check "Position subtitles relative to the video frame". (The check mark has to be black, not gray.)
This will make all subs appear as in windowed mode - sadly also those "normal" subs, which I prefer to be displayed out of the actual picture...

TheFluff 2009-07-25 00:42

There is no way for the player to distinguish between "dialogue" lines and lines that should be fixed to a certain position. Hence you're going to have to live with subs rendered on the video frame, although I guess you could always edit the vertical margin to 1 on the dialogue lines so they go as far down in the video frame as possible...

sneaker 2009-07-25 14:04

Why is this impossible? When looking at a typical ass script I always see special positional information for those "fixed" lines while the dialogue does not have additional information.
I don't really see what could be the problem here - could you elaborate on this?

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