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MrTerrorist 2009-07-24 06:16

How good is this software?

Journeyman 2009-07-24 07:29

Unless you suffer from a driver problem, or you are doing it for someone new to PCs...don't bother with it.

It doesn't take a lot of time to know and keep track of all your software and hardware. Google, manufacturers websites and release notes are at your disposal :p

1) Radarsync website advocates the idea that you do not need to know your hardware, there is no need to acquire new skills. Their software will magically cure every problem. Blah. :frustrated:

AV, malware scanners, torrent clients and PDF readers are quite capable of fetching updates for themselves.

And I fail to see how an outdated mouse driver can expose me to security risks. :)

2) New drivers are bundled with new bugs ;)
If you are promised a performance boost or it will make Doom 4 run on your PC, then update is feasible. But there is no point in blindly chasing for higher version numbers.

3) Their FAQ is an amusing read:


we'll ask you from time to time to select a sponsor or view an ad to help support our development and tech support efforts.

It contains no spyware and no adware
Aye, and cocaine is another type of sugar.

-KarumA- 2009-07-24 08:37

that program reminds me of many that scan your pc for free then end up with a sheit load of errors/updates/fixes/viruses/malware etc. that your pc is supposed to have while it does not
like journeyman said many programs find updates themselves nor will it be a security risk if some drivers remain un-updated.
Also the quote on their page about finding free alternatives for some programs can be a complete hoax, it would simply be to advertise for their sponsors and you might end up with malware because of it or with them advising you to buy a certain product because they recommend it
there are many programs that just sound too good to be true and that over exaggerate about their contents and yours, don't easily fall for these things D:
btw most updates that this program delivers are for things that update themselves or that aren't of that importance to even be updated: such as GoogleEarth, MSN messenger, winrar, CCleaner, winrar, realplayer
why would you want to use another program that tells you that it has to be updated when the program does that itself, most listed programs next to the drivers etc. are all things people use quite a lot but in sparetime or its a virus scanner kind of thing but all things that update themselves, I don't see how this could be handy it would just be a waste of discspace and money, if you want my opinion don't get it

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