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Kairin 2009-07-29 08:46

Spice and Wolf II - Episode 4 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Spice and Wolf II, Episode 4.

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Kaguya 2009-07-29 13:47


Pyrite seems to be corn, gasoline, or New Prius.

golthin 2009-07-29 17:19

like many people predicted, the preview was such ownage for many people that were antsy about it.

serenade_beta 2009-07-29 17:20

Tch~, as expected, but that Horo x Amati scene wasn't true... A delusion.

It was a really interesting episode! I guess the only part that messed up the atmosphere was the warning telling people not to watch on the internet (Shame on them! How could they do such a thing... :heh: ).
Though it was good laughs along with Lawrence worrying about Horo and having delusions over them. :heh:

The rest was just stuff on trading/etc... It was interesting. Mark was pretty cool.
Feel sorry for Amati... Don't see him coming out of this very well... The next episode's title has "despair" too in it... (・ω・`)

Shiroth 2009-07-29 17:21


Originally Posted by serenade_beta (Post 2546300)
Mark was pretty cool.

I'm glad someone else is saying that besides me. :p

You've gotta love the amount of delusions in this episode though.

FlareKnight 2009-07-29 23:35

Spoiler for Ep4:

Deathkillz 2009-07-30 11:43

I'd say that Lawrence's over active personality is his downfall :p

And so the epic showdown has begun certainly seems like Amati doesn't have much support in this game sadly. At least Lawrence has insider information coming from Mark, which makes me think...Amati is actually a better businessman than Lawrence if you take into account only using their own abilities.

Not enough Horo this week...makes me sad D:

Lightly_Toasted 2009-07-30 12:47

Thats where I disagree with you Death. Lawrence is a true businessman, resorting to almost any means necessary to accomplish his goal. Amati reminds me alot of a certain Spanish Romantic who felt he had to be chivalrous, and fight windmills as if they were giants. Amanti's youth and inexperience it what leads him to try and at like such a knight, when what he should be doing as a businessman is using any resource available to him.

wOoOzZy 2009-07-30 13:27

I imagine things will end up like this: Lawrence will look like he's going to win, then Amati will pull something out of his ass and appear to be the victor to a distressed Lawrence, then Horo will pull something out of her ass to give Lawrence the official victory, and finally Lawrence will be a nice guy and do something to not ruin Amati.

So far every other episode has been a great one with good ones in between. I expect next episode to be another great one.

ThoHell 2009-07-30 14:10

I haven't seen the episode yet, but reading all your post delivered me from hell.... I feel like a mountain of stress and torment have been relieved.

Blaat 2009-07-30 15:22

Excellent episode while the lack of Horo was disappointing I enjoyed seeing Lawrence recovering from the last week's ordeal and then trying to beat Amati at his own game.

I can't wait to see the conclusion next week.

Deathkillz 2009-07-30 15:28


Originally Posted by Lightly_Toasted (Post 2547954)
resorting to almost any means necessary to accomplish his goal.

That is also a trait shared between both Lawrence and Amati but Lawrence is fortunate enough that he has close friends to give him hints on where else he could look for help whereas Amati hasn't shown himself to be relying on anyone. In that sense I believe that Amati is more gutsy and natural talented as a businessman than Lawrence (unless his side of the story is shown that says otherwise).

typhonsentra 2009-07-30 15:37

So this makes Holo official I suppose.... gah! I hate that, it just sounds wrong saying it out loud.

Noe 2009-07-30 15:41

Yep, so her official name really is Holo. It's interchangeable imho.

Mai Kawasumi 2009-07-30 15:41


Originally Posted by typhonsentra (Post 2548268)
So this makes Holo official I suppose.... gah! I hate that, it just sounds wrong saying it out loud.

Like Arucard right? Even if Arucard is the official name everybody say Alucard

Horo > Holo

Slow episode, I give a 8

Kaguya 2009-07-30 15:47

Amati taught the wrong spelling to Horo.

ThoHell 2009-07-30 15:55

Though watching this episode put me more at ease, I still find a lot of this stupid unneeded drama.... People are being completely irrational and over reacting, like a bunch of little kids acting up to get back at someone when all their actions are doing is causing more harm. Pretty much doing something you're going to regret, but this is suppose to be a happy series so it'll be resolved most likely.... with as little heart aching drama as possible I hope.

Vexx 2009-07-30 15:59


Originally Posted by Mai Kawasumi (Post 2548285)
Like Arucard right? Even if Arucard is the official name everybody say Alucard

Horo > Holo

Slow episode, I give a 8

Try my method... screw the romaji-ists. :) Just say ホロ!

wOoOzZy 2009-07-30 16:04

Horo ftw. It'll be a cold day in hell before I write Holo.

Yuutsu 2009-07-30 16:06

Urgh. I typed an extremely long post about this episode, but deleted it in the end (it probably would have irked a few people).

Anyway, I like this episode. The whole debacle obviously hasn't been resolved, yet; however, it's only been one episode since the issue started, so I'm not surprised. The episode was a little slow, but we got to see a resourceful and tenacious side of Lawrence, something that I don't think I've seen before (maybe?).

I agree with one of the previous users regarding how the plot might pan out in the upcoming episodes. Seeing as I haven't got around to reading the novels (don't wanna spoil myself), hopefully the solution won't be as obvious as woooozy postulated.

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