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Isohunter 2009-07-31 23:28

How do I make the SRT font the default 1?
Hi guys,

I downloaded moo-shi's release of Basilisk and the default ASS font is HORRIBLE (almost unreadable), I know I can switch the font to SRT from HMS but I downloaded this release for archive (and to give to my friends) and I want to make the SRT font the default 1 whenever somebody watches it.

Is it possible? and if it is, how do I do that exactly, please try to give me as much details as possible.

Thank you.

pigoz 2009-08-01 02:10

you can always change the styling on the .ass subs and remux the files.

mkvinfo to find which is the .ass track (usually it is 3, but it may be different)

mkvinfo filename.mkv
Look for something that looks like this:

| + A track
|  + Track number: 3
|  + Track UID: 2862941111
|  + Track type: subtitles
|  + Codec ID: S_TEXT/ASS

Then you can demux the subtitles:

mkvextract tracks filename.mkv 3:subs.ass
and modify them with aegisub or a text editor.

To remux use the Mkvmerge GUI

Isohunter 2009-08-01 03:27

Yeah okay, sounds simple enough, how do I do that??.

Isohunter 2009-08-01 05:16

Nvm after 2 hours of tiring research I managed to do it.

Remember, Google is your friend.

Thanks anyway.

Daiz 2009-08-01 12:52

If you need to do the same thing again, it's good to know that Aegisub can open subtitles from MKVs directly, meaning that you don't have to demux them first. However, you'll have to remux the files with the edited subs as Aegisub can't save changes back to the MKV directly.

Isohunter 2009-08-01 20:40

Oh, Thank you very much for the tip, should make things much easier :).

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