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Kairin 2009-08-04 23:48

Spice and Wolf II - Episode 5 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Spice and Wolf II, Episode 5.

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Intranetusa 2009-08-05 01:57

what a crazy episode...

MeoTwister5 2009-08-05 04:59

So will we see here the eventual outcome of his gambit?

golthin 2009-08-05 06:03


Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 (Post 2560538)
So will we see here the eventual outcome of his gambit?

they have been doing one episode per chapter. If they keep it at that rate, we will see the conclusion of this arc in episode 6.

SwiftStrike 2009-08-05 14:03


Originally Posted by golthin (Post 2560587)
they have been doing one episode per chapter. If they keep it at that rate, we will see the conclusion of this arc in episode 6.

if they do adapt 2 novels then...episode 13 (or one of em) would be an OVA like last time?

Shiroth 2009-08-05 15:27

I didn't really understand much of that. I know before hand that this show is difficult to watch raw, though wow it really is a challenge. I do now that the preview shot for episode six is pretty epic.

Episode review please. :p

Heminga13 2009-08-05 17:28

Oops, I voted on the wrong episode lol

Oh well, I have faith in this one being great, too!

AlaAlba 2009-08-05 19:18

nice episode.

really like it when
Spoiler for couple:

Oozlum Bird 2009-08-05 20:09

Oh Mah God! I need Subs! P.s Those warnings on every episode are starting to make me feel guilty/annoyed.

serenade_beta 2009-08-05 20:17


Spoiler for ep5:

FlareKnight 2009-08-05 21:19

Spoiler for Ep5:

typhonsentra 2009-08-06 13:01

Wait, is there enough material left in this story to fill an entire episode? It'll be weird and less satisfying in my opinion if they don't end it the way they did in the book, I loved that scene!

Mr. Anime 2009-08-06 17:14

Mazui finished subbing ^^

Vexx 2009-08-06 18:03


Originally Posted by Oozlum Bird (Post 2561865)
Oh Mah God! I need Subs! P.s Those warnings on every episode are starting to make me feel guilty/annoyed.

I assume they're directed at Japanese domestic viewers who record the broadcast and then upload them on the Net..... so no actual 'piracy' occurred, no bootlegging, etc. 'making available' doesn't seem to fly in most court cases. Even the 'copyright infringement' notion is edgy -- sounds a bit like someone complaining because their website was seen in a cache. The only part of the equation possibly 'losing money' is the cable channel who'd prefer a subscription.

And frankly, the little messages can STFU until they provide another way for me to view the broadcast prior to purchasing their DVDs and other merchandise.

Back on topic, as far as the series so far... I'm pretty satisfied with the adaptation from the books of this story arc. It is one of the more complex ones emotionally in regard to Lawrence and ホロ and how they assess their feelings about each other.

Mr. Anime 2009-08-06 19:01

2 episodes without horo... i am at my limit.
I liked this one even more than episode 4. Lawrence feelings were beautifully shown, for example when he was shocked to see horo standing next to amati, but quickly changed his expression so that amati wouldnt notice.

Moreover Deanna rules^^, i think she left a pretty superior mark (comparable to horo^^)
Mark´s little speech was great too.
conclusion: 10/10
i think next episode will be around 20/10 ^^

Haruyasha 2009-08-06 19:13

Looks like they included the scrolling message this time too.. I hope they realize that they are only encouraging those activities even more, since now people are going to want to obtain text-less copies...

fish eric 2009-08-06 19:14

This episode had better production value than the last.

The part where Bartose closes his eyes and the ambient background sounds get really loud and he hears Lawrence's breath. That was too cool.

Then the scene outside Deanna's door where the clouds move out from in front of the moon and the whole scene becomes moonlit.

SwiftStrike 2009-08-06 21:29

gets better and better; details are very evident here.

Spoiler for hmm:

War_Lord 2009-08-06 21:55

Bleh, what a sausage fest this episode was. I didn't realize how much I took Horo's charm and presence for granted until I finished watching this one. Aside from that, it turns out Lawrence would be pretty bad at playing poker contrary to what I previously assumed. Hopefully he can get his composure together by the next episode. It's just too pitiful seeing him like this. Anyways, 7/10, needed moar Horo...

Yuutsu 2009-08-06 22:34

Oh my god... I love Horo, but she's seriously driving me nuts. If I were Lawrence, I'd have left her by now (my personal opinion).

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