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LuckyLyndy 2009-08-08 11:16

Bakemonogatari Video Not Supported-XP
Finding this one strange.
Downloaded the Xvid/AVi version. Plays fine on my XP Pro PC with Media Player Classic, but when I put it on the thumb drive and run it through my Philips and
Panny Plasma, I get "video not supported"
So I run it through AVI ReComp, same results.
Ran it through All to Avi and same results.


777 2009-09-12 17:01

Did you have the complete K-lite of CCP codec pack installed? When you have only MPC it won't play this video files because there is no codec. Please install a complete codec pack or try FFDshow.

SeijiSensei 2009-09-12 21:03

Unless I missed something you're saying your Phillips device won't play the file but your PC does? I'm guessing this is some kind of hardware player like a DVD recorder or player?

First, unless the Phillips supports DivX it isn't going to play any XviD files at all. (There are a few proprietary devices that support XviD natively, but they're not that common.) Even if it does support DivX, it still may not support XviD because of versioning differences. (The PS3 supports some, but not all, XviD encodes for instance.) If you can save the file to DivX itself, and the player supports it, try that.

Finally the resolution of the file might be greater than the player supports. Many players won't support DivX files with resolutions beyond 720x480, the DVD standard. So a 1280x720 file won't ever play, but one that is scaled to 704x400 might.

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