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Kytherno 2009-08-16 01:50

Food Inc (2009)
(...apparently it came out in June, but i never saw any commercials about it...)


Anyone seen this movie? It looks worth looking into, but it is kinda...meh...

Besides, the goal of the movie is absolutely stupid. It's "Get people to start eating healthier". Ya right.

Anyways, anyone seen it yet or plan on it?

feel free to discuss.

qwertyuiopz 2009-08-16 03:02

no name movie LOL
i doubt anyone watched it anyway

Tsuyoshi 2009-08-16 03:58

I think a movie like this came out a short while ago with Greg Kinnear (sp?) criticizing the fast food industry, specifically hamburgers. It's a good educational movie, but it doesn't really have any entertainment value. I doubt I'll watch it unless I wanted to learn something.

Tr3adst0ne 2009-08-17 05:34

If you want to see a decent movie on the fast food industry you might as well watch "Super Size Me."

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