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devildog23 2009-08-24 01:24

10 Minutes of Greatness
Well I just watched Comedy the OAV and was utterly surprised. I usually dislike one shot OAVs (like Voices of a Distant Star), but WOW this was the greatest 10 minutes for me this week.

Is there any complete series that matches this single 10 minute clip?

The tone kept me watching as did the first few lines in the OAV. I didn't care much for the plot, but the originality sparked interest for me. So basically what I'm looking for is an keenly original series (original as in delivery, not original as in art and/or plot) with a heavily depressing tone. ALSO I want a male character like the Black Swordsman if possible (I can't think of an adjective to describe him) . NOTHING else matters

Things that are around the area of what I'm looking for that might get suggested

Darker than Black
Elfen Lied
Kenshin (It might get suggested)
NHK (this is the right delivery)

jedinat 2009-08-24 02:52

Well, Kino no Tabi, perhaps... the protagonist is female and not really ruthless, yet almost genderless and not generically moral... can appear a bit ruthless in her practicality. (I wouldn't call the swordsman in Kigeki ruthless, really...)

Hnnn... I dunno really what else to suggest... My first suggestion would have been the Hellsing OVAs, but I see them already on your fav list.

Cipher 2009-08-24 03:24

You could try Samurai Champloo or Kino no Tabi(if you liked Nabari no ou). My avatar is actually the main in Kino no tabi: kino.

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