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Soconfused 2009-08-26 23:40

Computer randomly stops showing japanese?
so lately my computer has stopped "showing" Japanese characters, well most of them, as in, it goes back to showing squares or ? in file names in place of the Japanese character. This became apparent when I had trouble downloading some torrents with Japanese file names, and also most songs with Japanese texts on my winamp now just have question marks. I have no clue what could of done this, as East Asian Languages box is still checked in my regional and language options. Any idea what could of done this? The weirdest part is that it's only most Japanese, a decent chunk still shows up correctly.

Furuno 2009-08-27 11:08

Hmm... can you specify more about what happened before your computer stopped displaying Japanese character? My first guess is because the font that you've used in you theme and/or application did not support unicode character...

ITGuy 2009-09-02 20:09

I just have to ask. We are talking about Windows XP, right? It is unusual for the characters to be inconsistent. Is this a wide-spread system problem - all file names are now showing garbage rather than UTF-8 decoded formats (characters)? As Furuno-san mentioned, it could be that a particular program is not unicode compliant. However, I know that Winamp, in particular, is.

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