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Kankel 2009-09-18 20:20

Well it's time again for some trailers :uhoh::heh:
This time I bring you the newest adaptation of Robert E. Howard.This actually looks like a good movie.So enjoy!! ;)

Solomon Kane is a fictional character created by the pulp-era writer Robert E. Howard. A 17th century Puritan, Solomon Kane is a somber-looking man who wanders the world with no apparent goal other than to vanquish evil in all its forms. His adventures, published mostly in the pulp magazine Weird Tales, often take him from Europe to the jungles of Africa and back.

Siddyus 2009-09-18 21:14

Hmm, looks interesting. Anyway i am gonna watch it too. Especially since I like adventure movies. I hope they would release a DVD of it soon. You know what I mean. ;)

Xion Valkyrie 2009-09-18 22:10

Pretty badass trailer. Really reminds me of Diablo.

-KarumA- 2009-09-19 02:07

the hat scene reminded me a little of Van Helsing D:
other than that looks good

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