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Kafriel 2009-09-29 03:28

Spoiler for Summary:

Author:Yabuno Tsuduku
Artist:Ootani Akira
Monthly release.

I started reading this one yesterday, I have to admit I didn't think it would be this good :) The main character is a lot like Yagami Light (more of a villain than the hero) but instead of trying to escape from the good guys, he attacks them relentlessly until there's nobody standing in his way. Quite intriguing and well-planned, the only shame is the fact that it's monthly...but hey, good stuff always takes time~

FateAnomaly 2009-09-29 03:47

Makes you wonder if hypnotism can really do all that.

Kafriel 2009-09-29 05:16

Nah, not one point, Ren hypnotizes someone by surprising them from behind and instantly giving out a "suggestion". Still, the planning is awesome if you think about it, and for once, the bad guys seem to be winning :)

SehrKomisch 2009-11-15 01:43

Oh sweet people here read this! And I think a small bit of it is possible, but thats really all you need to convince a fanbase in manga. If he couldn't do tons of crazy shit like that even fewer people would enjoy it.

Kafriel 2009-11-15 03:51

Well, he is the kind of villain who must have overwhelming abilities, so as to bring the good guys in a tight spot. Since his enemy is a master hypnotist, I'd like to see his new allies (who, despite being smart, are not on Ren's level) get caught or trapped in one of his plans, it's been pretty one-sided so far...but I still love it anyway!

Kafriel 2010-01-12 08:03

ch.16's out today!
Spoiler for ch.16:

frubam 2010-05-24 17:32

Man, Kuonji has been 2 steps behind Ren since the beginning. I have to admit, that kind of takes the suspense out of all of it, esp compared to, y'know, DN(yeah, I HAD to say it (>.>)), where both Light and L were practically even, or going back and forth one-upping each other. Still, i have mixed feelings about him having two people he trusts, which kind of makes it unfair in Kuonji's regard, since it's like he assumes Ren is working alone. I can only hope that Ren gets truly pushed in the corner(something like figuring out Yuka was talking with Kuonji, but w/o getting the upper hand against him immediately) and goes on the defensive, and I'm sure it'll become a bit more enjoyable.

Xion Valkyrie 2010-05-24 19:15

The problem is Kuonji is just too nice, unlike L and Light, whom were both really sociopaths, just on opposite sides.

frubam 2010-09-08 15:07

Spoiler for ch 25:

Xion Valkyrie 2010-09-08 15:52


Originally Posted by frubam (Post 3235171)
Spoiler for ch 25:

He doesn't let his ego get in the way of finding the optimal solution:heh:

frubam 2010-09-08 21:08


Originally Posted by Xion Valkyrie (Post 3235218)
He doesn't let his ego get in the way of finding the optimal solution:heh:

lol, so true XD :heh:!

Kafriel 2010-09-09 03:02

Ch.25 was a bit anti-climatic, but I wouldn't really call it stupid...
Spoiler for 25:

lightbringer 2010-09-09 04:23


Originally Posted by Kafriel (Post 3236008)
Ch.25 was a bit anti-climatic, but I wouldn't really call it stupid...
Spoiler for 25:

Basically, to reach a resolution, they had to make the supposedly genius antagonist get overconfident and act like a complete moron. A quite common plot device.

Kafriel 2010-09-09 04:55

His speech was actually very good, I was hoping he'd win Kuonji over and into his army...and rule supreme! Anyway, it's not over yet, I'm hoping for a better closure.

Kafriel 2010-09-17 01:11

Final chapter is out~
Spoiler for Ending:

lightbringer 2010-09-17 14:09

Why would they be hypnotized? It's just a bunch of losers whining about life being boring but unwilling to do anything about it.

Kafriel 2010-09-18 02:12

That's what Ren was saying at the beginning too, so there's two ways I can see it:
1)They still retain his ideals even after the hypnotism broke
2) Another "Hiyama Ren" might pop up anytime in the future.

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