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Matt7 2009-10-06 16:58

Interpreting Music
Regardless of what lyrics are in a song (or who sings the song), they are all completely separate worlds. Lyrics do not define music (nor do the artists). Just because a certain song has perverted lyrics and a perverted artist does not make the music itself perverted. And what I mean by the music itself is not only the instrumental version of the song, but also the way the words are sung (rather than the words themselves).

In other words, we should embrace the very essence (feel) of the music itself as something completely different from the lyrics and the artist. For example, to me, this music possesses dark and mysterious power in a cool and upbeat way (obviously because the way it sounds--though I find quite obvious to practically anyone who listens to it). If I were to name a certain event on this music, there would be someone who has lost all strength and hope. But there is a cool, upbeat dark and mysterious realm of absolute power that awaits this person:

So in times that I feel that I've lost all strength and hope, I listen to this music.

But as for the version of the song with the words:

You can obviously see that the lyrics have nothing to do with my interpretation of the song, nor does the artist (such as his/her lifestyle). But I embrace the music itself and the way the words are sung (again, rather than the words themselves) in a cool dark way.

Now there are many alternate interpretations of other music I will experience that go far beyond what I would consider normal (they will be intense strange feelings that, again, have nothing to do with the lyrics or the artist).

To me, music is music (regardless of the lyrics or who sings it). Even knowing what the lyrics are and who sings it, that does not change the way I feel about music. We shouldn't blindly look upon music just because of its lyrics and artist (even if the lyrics do match the music)--music is something much deeper. Therefore, you do not need to go looking so hard for music that portrays certain emotions--most of it is already right there in front of you.

zzeroparticle 2009-10-12 14:52

Well, lyrics is a two-edged sword since the words can influence the way a song is perceived. Take for example, Super Special from the Chaos Head anime series. I don't dispute that the melody can be quite pleasing and enjoyable, but that the song becomes a laughingstock when one tries to take a look at what the lyrics actually say. It's not so bad if it were sung entirely in Japanese, but the English components are understandable and are so absurd that it hurts the song's enjoyability.

I can say the same about other pieces like Rocky Chack's Ringo Biyori from Spice and Wolf. Hearing the engrish in there is enough to drive you mad! MAAD!

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