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darkchibi07 2009-10-12 23:59

Kaishaku's "Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian"
Hey, our favorite yuri couple Chikane and Himeko are back! :D
I think this is serialized in Kadokawa's Young Ace (someone correct me on that).

Alternate universe obviously with these differneces:

- Himeko is now a nun and even more moe
- Chikane seemingly has bigger boobs plus amnesia, and she gets to wield a sword!!!!
- And Souma is now demoted as some side character

Can't really say too much about the first chapter since it's all much a mystery, and I have no idea where this will lead, but Chikane gets to be a bit more seductive towards Himeko and she reacted by showing some backbone.

textgirl 2009-10-14 04:56

i didnt even know this was out praise be the lord

darkchibi07 2009-11-14 06:51

Chapter 2 is out! :D

Spoiler for ch. 2:

Damn, that was a kinky chapter! Granted Kaishaku is never known for great stories. :D

Revenger1589 2009-11-14 18:49

There's a thread about this, I hadn't realized.

It's always good to have more yuri manga to follow, it's especially great if it has Chikane and Himeko. Chikane is as awesome as ever but a lot more playful now, Himeko is so moe I'm going to die.

Chiibi 2009-11-23 20:41


Hey, our favorite yuri couple Chikane and Himeko are back!
Speak for yourself-my favorite yuri couple is LuciaxSumire . :D

so damn underrated but so precious!!:(

Yush, I read the first two chaps....

I does not like how BIG Chikane's bewbs are....:eyebrow: LIEKOMGTHEYRESOHUGEWTF was my initial reaction....
But Himeko is very cute!! I like her new character. Well I expected to, anyway. :heh:
She looks like Rosette in the nun getup. XD

The whole manga is rather.........well, "crack" is the best word for it, I think.:heh:

darkchibi07 2009-12-15 14:49

Chapter Kaishaku!!! :heh:

Chikane in the bunny suit.......:love::love:

Revenger1589 2009-12-15 17:18

You know you're manly when your chest hair looks like an eagle, new guy is fucking awesome.

Oh Chikane, when will be the time Himeko doesn't get kidnapped right before you get your way with her? :heh:

Kunagisa 2009-12-15 22:26


Originally Posted by darkchibi07 (Post 2701967)
- And Souma is now demoted as some side character

I think that's promoted. At least he is not a totally useless laughingstock character now; he's just useless, and should remain that way <__<

Ah I should read this soon, but so little chapters out =(

Syntron 2010-01-14 13:49

Chapter 04 is out, get it here: Click


darkchibi07 2010-02-22 18:45

Chapter 5!

Spoiler for ch. 5:

Chiibi 2010-02-22 19:06


Originally Posted by stuopidget (Post 2822967)
I think that's promoted. At least he is not a totally useless laughingstock character now; he's just useless, and should remain that way <__<

Ah I should read this soon, but so little chapters out =(

He was NEVER a useless laughingstock character!! :mad: Don't deny that if it wasn't for him, Chikane and Himeko BOTH would have died in the beginning of KNM. People should just recognize that he's a good person who always protects girls!! :mad:

I hate Souma-bashers...

Syntron 2010-02-23 10:35

Spoiler for chapter 05:

Syntron 2010-03-27 10:35

Chapter 06 out. You know the drill:

Sol Falling 2010-04-07 11:45

Holy fuck, what a chapter. Christ, that was awesome. Yeah, it might be true that what Kaishaku writes is trash, but the trash they write is pretty damn incredible.

My two immediate visceral reactions: Ohgami, yeah you damn well keep your eyes closed; and holy crap what'd that lady just stick her flower into?! Urethral insertion, Kaishaku? lol, where will you go next? Himeko was moe as usual with the whole waking up thing, and it seems like Souma isn't as minor a character as we thought he'd be, with the hints of Himeko's jealousy/his interest in Chikane. Aside from that, though, with regards to the opening colour pages: first off, wow, Himeko's got no reason to envy Chikane's breasts there. More importantly, though, from the second page: damn, it looks like Himeko and Chikane are killing each other again. I guess that brings us closer to the original Kannazuki no Miko premise, which I suppose is good 'cause to be honest, I don't like these new villains/other factions as much as the original Kannazuki no Miko cast. Nonetheless, however, it's a bit unfortunate that we seem to be in for a pretty tragic story again.

Syntron 2010-04-11 02:59

The first two color pages are indeed very nice and advance the plot more then all the shitty yuri tease and conspiracy bull that no one gets, anyway. Loli Himeko may be super cute, but personally i prefer them to be both more mature with overall deeper feelings then what was presented up till now.

Oh and Souma is probably one of the leaders of the bad guys. His closed eyes are far too suspicious.

Syntron 2010-04-16 03:07

Chapter 07 is out, enjoy your monthly yuri trolling:

Sol Falling 2010-04-16 10:07

Himeko is moe, Chikane is hawt, etc etc lololol. That was pretty much a decent chapter, I guess.

Didn't really feel like too much happened, though. I wonder how long this manga will be, 'cause now that I think about it, part of what made Kannazuki no Miko so good was it's breakneck pacing, how they managed to pack so much epicness and emotion into a measly 12 chapters/episodes. We're on chapter 7 now of Amnesian, and it still kinda feels like we're in the initial setup.

Eh, this was introduced in the last chapter but this idea of 'Amnesian': at first I thought that the 'Amnesian' in the title was referring to how Chikane had lost her memories. The way the Kagome agency is calling people with mystical or spiritual powers 'Amnesians' though makes the title seem less connected to Chikane. I guess we can say that Chikane is also an Amnesian, but what exactly does that mean?

lol Anyway, Chikane's relationship with Himeko isn't really 'yuri' yet but I still have to say, it's really damned cute. I just love Chikane's expression at the top of page 6, and bossy Himeko is outrageously moe. If there's one thing that I think would make future chapters better, that would be moar Himeko/Chikane interactions plz! That's all for chapter 7.

Syntron 2010-05-16 23:09

Chapter 08 is ou... no wait. Its dropped, actually.


Sol Falling 2010-05-17 03:04

:frustrated: Oh man. That seriously sucks. I guess that might even have been expected, though...seems like there are a lot of people unhappy with Amnesian. I really hope someone else decides to pick this manga up...

Syntron 2010-05-24 06:19

In related news, Tsundere Translations has picked up Amnesian - Click

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