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prnoct90 2009-10-29 06:29

Best ISP for Torrents and Perfect Dark in Japan
I live in Japan, and I was wondering which Internet Service Provider I should use? I want to be able to download from Perfect Dark and Torrents.

chris 2009-10-29 16:37

It all depends on a few things but if kddi is available at either 100/100 mbit or 1gb/1gb through fiber though there are others, you really want to look for a isp that doesn't throttle and has either no cap or a reasonable per day cap. This is assuming you have fiber available as some of the apartment use what is called mansion type internet which will only have fiber to the building and even so. Your best option is to talk to your landlord about what is available. The other thing is in order to really tell you better would need to know the area you live in, are you in Tokyo or where and do you rent a apartment or a house? or do you own a house as all these things factor into what and how you can get things. I hope this helps im not that good at explaining it.

AnimeFan188 2013-02-22 22:06

27 Arrested in Japan for File-Sharing, Including 2 Perfect Dark Users:

"Japan's National Police Agency announced on Friday that it has arrested 27
suspects across the country between Tuesday and Thursday for uploading manga,
anime, films, music videos, and video games online without the copyright holders'
permission. While most of the suspects allegedly used the Share file-sharing
software program, at least two allegedly used Perfect Dark, a software which was
intended to maintain its users' anonymity better than Share."


Has "Perfect Dark" been cracked? Or did the users just do something careless?

sa547 2013-02-23 12:43

Those users were careless because they probably advertised themselves through social networking sites and 2ch, they talked too loud and left too much for the authorities to follow them, not knowing they'll have the National Police Party Van right on their doorstep.

For those trying to use it, especially resident aliens, don't.

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