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monir 2009-11-05 23:51

Darker Than Black 2nd Season - Episode 05 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Darker Than Black 2nd Season, Episode 05.

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monir 2009-11-05 23:57

Humble apologies for the delay at creating the thread. Didn't have an access to a PC. I guess I'm the only moderator that is following this show because otherwise another moderator would have noticed by now that something was amiss. Anyway, I'll let one of the other moderators know about the airing schedule to avoid delays at creating future episode thread.

Let's talk episode 5.

orangejuicetang 2009-11-06 00:16

I was wondering all day why this thread wasn't up yet. Actually got worried that it was somehow delayed this week without me knowing it, lol.

serenade_beta 2009-11-06 00:20

(・ω・`) Don't mind~

I guess this was a connection episode. Nothing much really happened...
Kind of funny that they immediately have the wife appear in the show right after they set the flag. :heh:

More importantly, isn't this the first episode since he has appeared that the cockroach man didn't sexually harass a girl...? :heh:

...Nika... :sad:

Still... You know, the very first contractor that appeared in DTB was a teleportor... Such a simple ability, yet he had to break his fingers... Poor guy... :heh: We got people with 100x more deadly abilities with prices like smoking or eating hamburgers...
This wife's... is what? Baking cookies? Baking herself (probably not...)?

Proto 2009-11-06 00:22

A nice, slow paced episode. The story advanced a little during the first segment when Misaki was told an up to date status for Hei by our dollmaster informant, but other than that it was mainly a character interaction based episode with some scattered action here and there. A real treat if you love the characters, though I guess that those that are in for the plot will cry in despair. But worry not, for during the end we see Hei getting his neck into trouble and getting Suou into her first mission. Yay.

Kaoru Chujo 2009-11-06 01:30

For me, that was one of the richest episodes so far: plot, action, character, relationship, revelation....

Madame Oreille is willing to work with section 3??? Norio's mom is a contractor? And suddenly reappears?

Norio makes his feelings clear, in his jackass way. Suou is becoming a real contractor, but it still penetrated a bit, I thought. Hei is getting more of those damn feelings towards people, lol. Love him. (I just rewatched the Yin choosing to stay with her nakama Hei episode from season one.)

Suou and Shion are both real? Or was that flashback only in Suou's head?

And fabulous voice-acting from Hanazawa Kana, who just shows more and more as the show goes on. Not to say Suou's subtle facial expressions, created by the animators, weren't part of it, too.

And I really dug the voice of Madame Oreille. Such perfect arch confidence. Played by veteran Kouda Kaho, who was Judy in Phantom.

I updated the characters/seiyuus page (link in sig) to add Norio-Mom, who is played by actress and TV/film dubber, Hayashi Marika. She just got married (at 34) and put a lovely photo of herself posed in a wedding dress in church on her blog (link on character/seiyuu page, for those who care). Says she went to work the next day, playing a sad character -- commented that it was a fast emotional turn-around. I wonder if it was this character....

LightningZERO 2009-11-06 03:21

Nice character interacting episode.

It's still very fascinating to learn more about Suou's thought process. She is an irregular among the Contractors, or even is really one.

The plot thickens. Anti-Contractors weapon, Mitaka Bunsho, Izanami....the next episode will be very great. Obviously something will happen to Norio and his dad now that the mum is back and working for the No.3 Section. Expecting big fight, and deaths next episode!

Mao is still as priceless ever. His commentaries in the new squirrel body is hilarious :D

Clarste 2009-11-06 05:30


Originally Posted by serenade_beta (Post 2752233)
Still... You know, the very first contractor that appeared in DTB was a teleportor... Such a simple ability, yet he had to break his fingers... Poor guy... :heh:

Nitpicking: he was a gravity control guy who could fly, not a teleporter.

hei 2009-11-06 07:54

This episode is OK for me. Unnecesary service scenes were restrained and more attention was paid to plots and characters.

Several things were confirmed: Both Shion and Suou are existent at least in terms of official documents. Suou is not Izanami. Suou can shoot up to six bullets when she summons the gun. Hei lost his ability not because of Suou's pendant but because of the anti-contractor machine. Hei's client is not very professional.

Yet, it seems another hints for the forthcoming story were given: Noah's Ark, aquarium, and whale. Does that mean a great flood is coming to mankind? Who are whales that do not need Noah's Ark? Just hope the show is getting more pacy from here on.

Aqua Knight 2009-11-06 15:07

Subs are out!

Great episode, but I wish Hei changed his clothes at least.

Joe_fh 2009-11-06 16:53


Originally Posted by 17th_warrior (Post 2753196)
Subs are out!

Indeed they are. Too bad I won't be able to watch it today. From the preview it seemed like there'll be a lot of action as well as more character development.

g_silver 2009-11-06 17:05

just watched sup, yeah this episode is a little slow pace
but the story is progress a lot

Twin stars in the beginning of episode probably belong to Suou and Shion
guess from colour and what what Madame Oreille said
"Make a wish up on that tiny red star. Wish to see BK-201"

So at least Suou has her own star like other contractor

Finally Suou got her first kill (even though its not a human)

I surprise that Hei isn't hit Suou when she's blow the wall up
(cuz it look pretty serious than lie)
but may be his feeling toward Suou is now change
or may be He's really a lolicon :P
(just kidding.. :P He looks more like father of two now)

Shiroth 2009-11-06 17:22

Hei sleeping on the toilet was pretty lol.

KaneDragon 2009-11-06 18:44


Originally Posted by 17th_warrior (Post 2753196)
Subs are out!
It's a whale, damnit. Don't crush Suou's dreams. :frustrated:


Originally Posted by serenade_beta (Post 2752233)
This wife's... is what? Baking cookies? Baking herself (probably not...)?
Oh, renumeration, right. So the cake is not a lie. I was thinking it was some sort of EVIL cake, made from sugar, flour, memory-erasing anti-allergy serum, and explosives.
Adorable Suou-July pairing is continuing... :D

I was expecting a reveal that the truck carrying the super special device thingy had another one of those anti-contractor field things built in, but nope. I mean, it was an obvious place to set up a trap. Which it could still be... just with less biribiri.

Yu Ominae 2009-11-06 19:15


Originally Posted by KaneDragon (Post 2753468)
It's a whale, damnit. Don't crush Suou's dreams. :frustrated:

:heh: He means the fansubs are out.

Kunagisa 2009-11-06 19:41

Like the episode, but not liking where the direction this story's going.

I still believes Suou's locket to be the meteor fragment, and it screwed up that anti-contractor machine, transferring Hei's power into the locket. Suou's power is from that locket.

This means Hei will loses his electricity for the remainder of the series until things get resolved. Although his combat prowess is still ridiculous (considering his sister was the original Black Reaper, but he still could keep up in South America), he's going to be weaker.

On a less serious note, HEI GOOD JOB ON TRAINING YOUR LOLI. I thought all hopes were lost with the last episode, but he still treats his lolis well *tears of joy*.

KaneDragon 2009-11-06 19:43


Originally Posted by stuopidget (Post 2753565)
I thought all hopes were lost with the last episode, but he still treats his lolis well *tears of joy*.

Maybe her taking on a cockroach with an anti-tank rifle, and her considering him to be no better than a cockroach, gave him second thoughts. :p


Originally Posted by Yu Ominae (Post 2753523)
:heh: He means the fansubs are out.

*watches the joke sail over Yu's head*

Yu Ominae 2009-11-06 19:47

Meh. I thought you didn't know what the previous perosn was saying.

Anyway, we got ourselves another person from the MIAC. Wonder if Norio will keep appearing in the show unless his mom decides to off him.

arcticphoenix16 2009-11-06 19:50

July and Suou = amazingly cute. Too bad Hei is an abusive father

Kunagisa 2009-11-06 19:55


Originally Posted by arcticphoenix16 (Post 2753578)
July and Suou = amazingly cute. Too bad Hei is an abusive father

I'm still kinda miffed they stole Yin's super moe smile =(

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