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Kaijo 2009-12-02 02:45

Since Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is one of those "All there in the manual" type of series, this thread will be for actual direct links to various explanatory aspects. Note that it's not for interpretation discussion, just direct links that newcomers can go to look up information.

It is assumed that you have watched the three seasons of the anime, and read the manga. You can read the various manga and Sound Stage translations here (note, removing the manga links for now, until I can get some links that don't include other licensed manga; if you have such a link, feel free to provide it):

MGLN A's - takes place from the end of TV season 1 and goes through A's
MGLN StrikerS - takes place from the end of season 2 and covers the time gap between Season 2 and 3
MGLN ViVid- takes place 4 years after Season 3 StrikerS
Magical War Chronicle Lyrical Nanoha Force - takes place 6 years after Season 3 StrikerS
MGLN Sound Stages - these are transcript translations of the audio only CD releases, which cover a wide range of time, starting from Season 1 and all the way through season 3.

As for other links, I'd like to start with the following:

Nanoha Wikia(feel free to add information to this as well)
Nanoha Wikipedia entry
Japanese Nanoha Wiki - Posting this for now, in the hopes that people take reliable information off it and add to the English Nanoha Wikia; I don't read Japanese, but you can also babelfish it for some information.
The StrikerS relationship chart - This is also handy to have as a quick reference to the various relationships as of the end of StrikerS.

Translated info taken from the various DVD booklets included with the series. The lists below each link, detail what each link talks about.
  • A's DVD 1 booklet - Linker cores, Shamal's Telepathy and Mirror of Travels
  • A's DVD 3 booklet - Dimensional Travel
  • A's DVD 4 booklet - Cards and Unison devices
  • A's DVD 5 booklet - Dialogue within Internal Space
  • A's DVD 6 booklet - Eternal Coffin and Arc-en-Ciel
  • Striker's 1 DVD booklet - AMF, Freezing Breath, Devices, Divine Buster Extension, Ground Battlefield Simulator, Mage Rank Examination, Magic, Mana Conversion Effinity[Electricity], Reconnaissance Magic, Reinforce II, Shooting Arts, Soft Support [Weichstütze], Steel Yoke, Knuckle-duster, Speerschneiden, The Yagami family
  • Strikers DVD 3 booklet(part 1) - A mage’s diet, AMF Concentration, Cartridge Barrels, Dragon Soul Summon, Kerykeion, Output Limiter / Ability restriction, Relic, Relic Weapon, Saint Church, Special Care Center, Bardiche Assault & Barrier Jacket ・ Impulse Form, Magic defences, Raising Heart Exelion & Barrier Jacket ・ Aggressor Mode, Storm Raider, Summoner tribes, Reinforce II Knight’s Garb & The Book of the Azure Sky, Variable Barret
  • Strikers DVD 3 booklet(part 2) - Accumulatory Cannonfire, Shoot Barret – Barret F, Bombardment Magic, Panzerschild, Phantom Blazer, Summoning Magic

If you have a link that's NOT to the anime or manga, but is an "official" source, please post here. This is also NOT for advertisements to upcoming things, or merchandise. Only for direct information about how things in the Nanoha universe work or are organized. Prefer translated sources; if you have a raw, there are people all over the net who can do translations (and some here who might do it for you). Even if you have a raw, it can be helpful as there are babelfish translations that can be done.

Also stating that this is not for discussion, as there are various discussion threads below. I'd like to keep this thread neat and clean with just direct links that new fans can go to for information and study.

If your question isn't answered here, and you've watched the anime and read the manga, then feel free to ask in the Q&A thread.

Moderator's Note: As Kaijo pointed out, please post in this thread only when you are contributing specifically to the topic at hand. For any other discussion, comments, suggestion, etc. please use other threads in the forum or PM/VM Kaijo.

Keroko 2009-12-02 05:54

Perhaps not essential, but still good to have: The StrikerS relationship chart.

Nanya01 2011-06-07 12:58

Even though there's a thread for it here on AS, there's now a website for the Sound Stages that Nagumo has translated.

Nanya01 2011-07-17 22:56

This isn't directly related to Nanoha, but I figure that people could use it.

Car names that can be used as people names.

For theme naming all those OCs we use in fanfiction.

Nanya01 2011-12-29 08:20

Height Charts and Sketches
Height Chart

With Kaiser Vivio in the crowd

A's Height Chart

Numbers Height Chart

So, I also found out the official heights of characters like Yuuno, Megane and Quint...

Spoiler for Yuuno, Quint, Megane Heights:

And, if the chart with Jail being at 176.44 is accurate, I figured out, from the Numbers Height Chart above, just how tall the Numbers themselves are.

Spoiler for Jail and the Numbers Heights:

green-link94 2012-04-11 16:40

Spoiler for Nanoha Takamachi:

Spoiler for Yuuno Scrya:

Spoiler for Fate Testarossa and Arf:

Spoiler for Chrono Harlaown:

Spoiler for Wolkenritter:

Gx Hero 2013-08-28 11:26

Hey I have the above mentioned items for download on my website

will take you right to the page.

I am merely doing this to share what I find and so others have to repost elsewhere so it is not lost.

Force weapons


There will be more to come, and I am sorry as of now the website is still underconstruction as I add new things to it.

green-link94 2013-08-29 02:17

Spoiler for Strikers General entries:

Spoiler for Stars Squad:

Spoiler for Takamachi Nanoha:

Spoiler for Lightning Squad:

green-link94 2013-08-30 04:49

Spoiler for Other Riot Force six member and Vivio:

Spoiler for The Yagami Family and Belka:

GAS Battalion 108: Subaru and Ginga's father, Genya Nakajima, is the Unit Commander of the GAS 108 Battalion. Main duties include the investigation of smuggling. Ginga works as an Investigator in the unit. During the JS incident, Ginga was treated as being on Temporary Duty to RF6. The number of unit members (in the 108th) is not large, but has a good complement of Investigators and Mages which Vita occasionally goes to instruct.

AAS: Air Units formed of Ace Aerial Combat Mages. Signum and Vita were both previously assigned to Air Units. Compared to Ground Combat Mages, air combat mages spend longer in training (for flight training ... etc) and thus fully rated Air Combat Mages are constantly in short supply. By necessity, the unit goes for Quality over Quantity, and thus is a High Risk post. On principle, the Air Units use unified protective clothing (Barrier Jacket) designs, but does allow Special Magic users to wear custom-made protective clothing. Also (in this case meaning BTW), Signum and Co. also wear the Regular Protective Clothing on regular duty.

Saint Church: The largest religion in Dimensional Space. Originating from the Ancient Belka era, when they received the prophecy, the teachings spread until they became the Saint King religion. Afterwards, due to his great works, now the worship is on the Saint King himself. There are differences in doctrine depending on world and region, but regulations are loose compared to other religions, and is one of the factors for it having many casual believers. The beauty of the churches also makes them famous as tourist attractions, with the HQ in the Belkan Autonomus Region being a traditional tourist attraction and a favorite marriage ceremony location for the young.

Supreme Air Force Aggressor: A unit formed of elite (in combat and magical skills) air mages. Usually investigates new combat techniques and develops new equipment (Ed: note that they no longer say tactics ), as well as educating Armed Forces members. The HQ is in TSAB HQ itself, with squad sizes ranging from a few to somewhat over ten instructors and clerks.[/images]

green-link94 2013-08-30 09:40

Spoiler for Jail Scaglietti and the Numbers:

CW-AEC02X "Strike Cannon" and Raising Heart Excelion (Standalone Flight Mode)

CW-AECX07X "Sword Breaker" and "Mach Caliber AX" translation.

Bardiche Assault Riot Blade II and Bardiche Assault Riot Zamber II translation.

Warhammer translation.

Vita x CW-AEC03X War Hammer

CW company's AEC weapon - 3rd prototype

As the name "War Hammer" implies, it was designed and constructed to crush things like heavily armoured targets and giant weapons.

A large accelerating booster is installed in the rear section of the frame, with the ability to propel the weapon into maximum impact speeds in the hypersonic range. Besides the drill bit at the front of the device rotating to accomplish better penetrative impacts, the energy supplied to the device is expelled through the central apex of the drill bit outwards in the form of a plasma jet, thereby making even stronger attacks possible.

Because the user testing this, TSAB's Aerial Combat Instructor - Lieutenant Vita, is small, it looks like a considerably oversized weapon here. However, as mass-production has been considered and the mass-produced units have to fit the general build of a grown adult, the current device dimensions and shape have been set in stone. Furthermore, Lieutenant Vita also considers it to be of a suitable size for herself.

And Thomas force next

Divider 996 Second Form
Normally, the Divider performs the "React" process with the "Reactor" as a conduit, and releases the full functionality of the user with the Divider. However 996 shows a form change here without the need for a Reactor, and said form change takes the appearance close to that afforded by the Reactor after the React process. The knife-shaped bladed component has now enlarged enough to be termed a sword, and an armament resembling a mishmash of a shield and blades materialises on the left arm. Formerly of a silvery appearance, the gun component is now coloured black and red. An offered explanation for these changes in colour and shape says that these changes reflect the user's battle instinct and willingness to fight, but that has not been conclusively proven.

Barrier Jacket Second Form "The Black Knight" (TL note: I fuzzily recall this kanji being used for "barrier jacket" but I guess others might want to play it safe and use "armour")
A unique protective clothing materialises when one who is compatible with the EC genes goes into battle. This clothing, termed as a Barrier Jacket, is composed of Divider-provided energy which is moulded according to the user's motivations. When Thoma previously activated 996, a barrier jacket also materialised, but this version takes a more offensive-oriented appearance. There are reports that Touma has lost over half his conscience in this mode, and may be the preliminary symptoms of "self destruction" which is a typical cause of death in EC infected people.

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