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Nerroth 2009-12-15 15:13

Muv-Luv anime options?

Recently, I got the Figma of Meiya Mitsurugi - after which I found myself reading up on what the myriad stories and settings of the Muv-tiverse has to offer.

(Indeed, I also checked out the Akane Maniax OVA, which is a preview of sorts for one of the Muv-Luv timelines.)

For those not already familiar with the setting, Muv-Luv jumps from worlds with peaceful (in Japan, at least - though I don't imagine times in places like the DR Congo in such realities are all that great) surroundings, to others which pit humanity in a slowly-losing battle against a horde of alien invaders.

The Figma mentioned earlier is of Meiya from one of the war-timelines - shown in her battle armor slash pilot suit. Indeed, her mount, or Senjutsuki (tactical machine) is in the A3 line.

In terms of telling the story sequentially, it might seem that the option would be to follow the path the games and novels set - to start with Extra (peace-verse A) to Unlimited (war-verse A) then to Alternative (war-verse B, in which the side story Total Eclipse and the background book Integral Works are also set) and on to Altered Fable (peace-verse B).

However, I'd argue that Total Eclipse itself might be a viable first choice. Since it's set in a different part of the world than Alternative, it could be run as a self-contained series.

Plus, it's got a wider mix of pilots, with Russians, Americans, Europeans, and a Gurkha thrown in for good measure.

(That and I like Cryska and Yui, too.)

So, if given the option, which would you rather see - an anime picking up where Akane Maniax left off, one jumping straight into a later part of the story, or one set in the Total Eclipse corner of the Alternative world?

Or, indeed, some new story altogether?

EDIT: I forgot to add - if there ever is a TE anime, I hope this is the OP they would use!

EDIT 2: I realised that the side-story in Hobby Japan is a third story set in the Alternative 'verse - The Euro Front. Oops.

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