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Nukerjsr 2009-12-24 03:10

Rock Band and Harmonix Games
I didn't really see a thread here about Rock Band itself, so I figured I'd make one myself being a GIGANTIC fan of the game and how it has affected both the video game and music industry.

Both this and Guitar Hero (Harmonix created the original Guitar Hero, along with GH2 and 80s Edition) have practically become phenomenons. It's basically the new party game to play and I've been seeing a lot in bars and places where Karaoke would be prominent. It's challenging, fun, gets you into new types of music and can even make you respect musicians for their talent.

And let's not forget what's coming on the horizon, with the upcoming "Rock Band Network" which allows people to submit user-content, that goes through a strict judging succession. So not only will that support local indie bands, but you can also get many fan favorites into the game along with some larger bands including Evanescence, All That Remains, Ministry, and Flight of the Concords. And it's around the corner too! Early 2010. We could even get nice little gems such as this, under the band's permission:

Kudryavka 2009-12-26 14:12

Me likes Rock Band 2 too. :D
Will the User Content be compatible with RB2 or a new RB?

Jeffry2009 2010-01-31 07:47

OK guys, this is my 1st time post on this thread. Actually, I've got both Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero & of course DJ HERO!!

plus i've been stuck in my head all the time when I 1st bought The Beatles: Rock Band when I've heard The beatles song all day....

Vexx 2012-07-17 17:08

Heh.. apparently people play Rock Band rather than post about it. But given this is an anime forum, thought this would be interesting. The Euro girl rock band called Joanovarc has their hit release "Say Sayonara" (the Japanese version) released on RB 3.

I already follow the group and like the song... only complaint is that whoever was the lighting engineer on the animation used a lot of yellowish overlighting (which is something I've not seen the band ever do so I don't know where that came from). The translation to RB itself is moderately challenging.

This also serves as an introduction for my virtual band, "It Really *IS* Rocket Science", which I babble about elsewhere. So meet Tsika, Glycerin, Kpau, and Blar --

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