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megacoolspot 2004-03-08 07:11

kenshin manga vs anime
Hi all,

I really enjoy reading the kenshin manga and planning to check out the anime as well. But before I spend any money buying those expensive dvds. I would appreciate if anyone can share their opinion on how good the anime is compared with the manga series.

(I heard that the anime is more childish, but does it follow the manga story closely)

any opinions is appreciated! thanks in advance! :-)

p.s. sorry if i posted to the wrong forum. but i figured most people read the manga probably watched the anime as well. ;)

Yebyosh 2004-03-08 08:16

Personally I own the manga (Chinese version) & the first OAV1 (Betrayal & Trust Director's Cut). I have seen some of the anime as well.

I can definitely recommend what I own over the anime. The OAV1 was pretty faithful to the story in the manga. Let's just say that some of the adaptations in the anime ruin some of the things that were attractive in the manga.

Mr_Peeg 2004-03-08 12:12

Well, I've watched pretty much all the TV episodes ( Samurai X ). I've also read the entire manga. The anime follows the manga's storyline faithfully from the beginning up to the Shishio part. But after that, most (if not all) of the episodes in the anime aren't from the manga. Personally, I think the TV series started to suck after that. Pretty good english dubbing, though... but I wish I could've watched it with Jap audio and Eng subtitles.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I think there were 2 OAVs for RK. The 1st was that story from his past about how he got his scar and stuff, and the 2nd was the epilogue with the Enishi dude. I didn't watch it because I heard it was depressing.

IMO, manga > anime. Happier ending, to boot.

7thMethuselah 2004-03-08 12:47

Storywise both anime and manga are more or less the same, although the anime has some fillers. Characterwise in the anime there are a few extra characters and some characters have been slightly altered (nothing serious though). The anime is very enjoyable up to the end of the Shishio saga, after that it really goes downhill.

There are also 2 OVA, one deals with his past in Kyoto : this one is very depressing but I still think it is one of the best anime ever! and it has beautiful art), the second ova has very nice art as well but it deals with what happens to kenshin after the manga ended, i saw only a fraction of it but i hear it ain't all that good.

My advice: the first OVA called Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuioku Hen is a must-see for any Kenshin fan. About the regular anime, it's good enough to spend your money on, try it out I think you won't be dissapointed. The version I'm in the process of buying has 5 epi / DVD so that ain't to bad either.

Wolfsbane68 2004-03-09 04:13

A heretic notion, sure, but Kenshin vs Saitou fight and the whole three-parter ( eppies 28-30 on the "Shadow of the Wolf" DVD) is better in anime :p Aoshi is much less annoying in manga though.

Naru_Narusegawa 2004-03-10 03:44

Kenshin anime is longer (nice^^) but the drawings aint so nice...

Akageno 2004-03-10 11:27

manga - long and sugoi
ova I - very beautyful and sadly
ova II - abortive
tv - long and fanny
imho tv and ova I cost watch

Naru_Narusegawa 2004-03-11 11:01

I'm not such as kenshin anime fan....

e2- 2004-03-22 09:00

the anime serie i rather good. Yes Yes it is a bit childish but I liked it. It is as good as the manga.

wao 2004-03-22 10:47

Anime: Has some obvious advantages like movement and colour and sound and voices, but does have some odd fillers and does not bring out some points as well. I somehow prefer the manga to some parts of the anime...

Anime #2: I consider the last arc of the anime series as something else: they're not related to the manga at all and they, quite honestly, suck in comparison to the rest of the show. Damn you Studio Deen. ^_^

Movie: has nothing to do with the manga; also the anime is probably better than this...

OVA #1 (Trust and Betrayal aka Tsuiokuhen) Follows Kenshin's recount of his past in the post-Kyoto arc of hte manga. Very very very very very nice. Even if you hated the anime, watch this.

OVA #2 (Reminiscence aka Seisouhen) Supposed to follow the Jinchuu (revenge) arc of the manga whereby Enishi settles a score with Kenshin, but however this was GREATLY compressed into like one episode without even showing cool stuff like Rakuninmura... and then after that is non-manga story which I believe even Watsuki himself didn't really approve of but was helpless to change... They made Kenshin act quite out of character, but oh well.

THe manga is a must read because of the 'proper' ending and also because the art is so cool :>

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