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Sh1ka9on 2004-03-08 19:34

I have a question about hxh
Hi, umm...
I'm currently reading the HxH manga and its ok but i just wanted to ask whats the last volume? Or is it unknown. =/ Also if i wanted to buy it, where would i be able to get it?

Also, another question, how old is the I''s Manga? and is the Mangaka currently drawing any new mangas or is he already gone?

yadonashi 2004-03-08 22:36

why would you want to buy a manga that's just "okay"? HXH is the best!!! I think there's 19 volumes of hxh but I'm GUESSING on that. there are some others but I don't like ordering japanese manga online...

the autheor of I''s is working on zetman right now. You can get it at Toriyamaworld, i think.


Sh1ka9on 2004-03-08 23:59

oh cool, thanks but 19 volumes??
I already have volume 20 ._.
*shrugs* i still have no idea...

Hellychan 2004-03-09 10:52


Originally Posted by Sh1ka9on
oh cool, thanks but 19 volumes??
I already have volume 20 ._.
*shrugs* i still have no idea...

LOL How can you have volume 20 when there's only 19 volumes out in Japan ( at the moment )? o_O
AFAIK, the manga is still running in Japan :)

Nine Devil 2004-03-10 10:42

i don't know should i read the manga it doesn't look good? Should I ?

MrBrown 2004-03-10 11:14

19 volumes are out in Japan, but it has been serialized in Jump past that. Scanlator groups like to add the volume numbers to their releases, so that's why you might have scanlated chapters up to 20.

And it's still running, doesn't show much signs of stopping.

Ryodan 2004-03-12 07:12

they finished volume 19 and i think they're working on volume 20, might be finished but i dont know. not too far from volume 20.
they release chapters weekly but they sometimes take breaks due to togashi's health.

mmmalice 2004-03-17 10:56

About that, does anyone know if he has a terminal illness or has gotten better? His work was almost unrecognizeable for a little while, so I was worried about him, but around (the issue) where Kaito, Gon and killua arrived at NGL, it seemed to have improved completely, as if he had gotten totally better. Does anyone know what illness he has/had, and if it's recurring?

MrBrown 2004-03-17 11:45

Don't have any facts about the illness, but it seems fickle. The latest chapter, 212, had VERY good art, even surpassing some of the past volume art.

Maybe he's just lazy. :heh:

And yeah, the worst part was right at the end of the GI arc. It's been better since then, though there has been bad parts.

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