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felix 2010-02-10 11:11

What series names are best?
Series really seem to be very random, in the way you call them. For example: Sora no Woto (fansub name?) vs So Ra No Wo To (official name?). There are also the different issues with romanization, but series names do seem to get the correct version (unlike some character names in fansubs). Since you don't use anything like alternative names (or at least I don't think you don't, as far as I see) this sort of becomes a important issue.

How do you determine which is the correct spelling/version in the listing (and thread/forum titles) at the moment? Have you considered alternatives?

xris 2010-02-10 11:53

In general, we do not select the name, the fansub groups who sub the series decide on the name. We typically select the name from those fansubs we list.

As for alternatives. How about you try searching for "Sora no Woto" and "So Ra No Wo To". You will see both find the same series because we add alternatives a lot of the time.

As for the forum threads, in general the user selects the name of the thread and you must live in ga-ga land if you expect a precise and accurate naming convention (if there is such a thing since the titles are being translated from one language to another) in such situations.

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