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White Manju Bun 2010-02-19 11:15

Durarara!! - Image Thread (wallpapers, fan art, gifs, etc.)
This thread is dedicated to letting you share Durarara!! related images. You may post wallpapers, doujin art, gif or flash animations, etc. that you have found or created.

Some things to remember when posting:
  • We do not allow the sharing of high-resolution art-book and untranslated manga/novels scans or CG taken directly from the game.
  • You should give appropriate credit to the creator of the image.
  • Where possible use space separated thumbnails for very large images.
  • Keep any risqué content in clearly marked spoiler tags.
How to create spoiler tags!
  • Simply click on this icon which can be found in the Quick Reply or Reply to Thread template (and make sure you include a title for the spoiler tag).
  • For more information on the spoiler tag, please read the BB Code FAQ.
Have fun! :D

Kanon 2010-02-21 17:40

Alright, let's start this. Mostly Selty and Anri fanarts <3

Spoiler for SPOILERS - mostly Anri pics:

Aryu 2010-02-21 17:48

Shizo and Izaya

Natsuki Hyuga 2010-02-22 03:57

Fail for not having BL pics!!!1!!11

Nah, just kidding. At least half. Err, I mean, completely kidding~! Honest! Although I'm still waiting for brotherly labu, otaku gang and best friend trio(s) pics to be posted here! :| No fair Anri and Certy hogging all the views~!

And the most amusing thing that Pixiv has since at the earlier episodes:

In a way, I understood the thoughts. Oh so much. :heh:

Side Note: FFFFFFFFFF 折原臨也を(ボコったり泣かせたりして)苛め隊同盟 :bow::bow: How did they read my mind?!

Iron Maw 2010-02-22 04:48[

Haak 2010-02-22 04:49


Originally Posted by Aryu (Post 2926576)

Lol. Genius. XD

Kanon 2010-02-22 05:48

Spoiler for Novel characters... I guess:

Otaku gang !

And some brotherly love for the ladies~

So much fanarts of Kasuka already, guess I shouldn't be surprised :heh:

Shiroth 2010-02-22 05:54

He's looking more like Huey in some of those fanarts. :heh:

Eisdrache 2010-02-22 06:02

1) Kida where the fcuk are you touching?
2) Aww that's just too cute. Actually I'm only watching at the left half.

Kagura89 2010-02-22 06:17


Originally Posted by Eisdrache (Post 2927339)
1) Kida where the fcuk are you touching?
2) Aww that's just too cute. Actually I'm only watching at the left half.

He's not touching her,he just make a hand love sign with Anri:p
Anri looking cute&adorable at the second picture.

Agony 2010-02-22 07:19

wow Kanon, thanks for the brothers' pictures.!

Natsuki Hyuga 2010-02-22 09:00

Brotherly love is beautiful indeed <3 As long as my mind don't gutter to OT3 delusions but of course *COUGH* For the wonderful brotherly love, here have some genderbend (+1 yuri implication :p) :

... I wonder why they are so good when genderbended, seriously. :heh:

And since the ladies are in dire need of the guys and/or less female pics stuffs, me included:

musume_no_hoshi 2010-02-22 09:43


Originally Posted by Natsuki Hyuga
Fail for not having BL pics!!!1!!11

Are we even allowed BL pictures here? Are they counted as NSFW like ecchi pictures? :heh:

These are the ones that I don't classify as 'BL' from my little pixiv walk. Please excuse me if I added anything...erm...questionable ;~;. From last night to now, about 14 hours, there was an increase of about 600 tag use for 'デュラララ!!'...I wonder how high it would go.

Spoiler for Dakimukura \(=A=)/ Slightly NSFW:

Natsuki Hyuga 2010-02-22 10:00


Originally Posted by musume_no_hoshi (Post 2927506)
Are we even allowed BL pictures here? Are they counted as NSFW like ecchi pictures? :heh:

As far as I know, it's R-18 pics (which, in het term, hentai/porn) that are not allowed. R-15 is questionable, but definitely no err... "sensitive areas", nipples (for girls) and explicit or even implicit intercourse.

Although we still have to spoiler tag it properly in the end of the day :heh: Same with explicit yuri hints if I have to say, some people might found it unreasonable and stuffs.

... Considering the amount of BL pics though, I don't dare to imagine if everything was fitted here. Take a stroll and I dare you not to say that they take at the very least 1/5 of the overall pics!

/Jumps up and down at アキヲ sudden participation at DRRR!! I'm totally wondering why all my web bookmarked artists are joining the wagon, seriously :heh:

KuroTsuki14 2010-02-22 10:02 |
| | | | |
Not sure if this spolier or not.....

kyouray 2010-02-22 14:02

Some Celty fanarts that I've already posted on the generic discussion thread :

It's sure my favourite female character (and I can't resist bikesuit). It isn't difficult to choose since most characters of Durarara!! are male :D

Zu Ra 2010-02-22 16:09

Reposts Excuse
if any repeats Excuse =/

Aryu 2010-02-22 19:54

Random Dump

Iron Maw 2010-02-22 20:03

More random assortments

Starry Dust 2010-02-23 00:01

Gah, so much fanart already!

I guess this leads me to post some of the translated comic strips then, if no one minds.
They may contain spoilers too.
Spoiler for For mini-dump:

Yay for crossovers.

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