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cindialai 2004-03-11 10:45

VCD convertion software
please recommend a vcd concertion tool, i've tried all video convertor and the quality was bad so please recommend a software that keeps the original or near anime video quality.

warnold 2004-03-11 11:48

There's no such thing, since VCD is 352x240 and most avi's you get are 640x480. So any conversion will reduce the resolution, which makes it look worse.

Go to for all the information you could want on this subject.


Raven_Zero 2004-03-11 15:28

You could try svcd the resolution on that is 480x480 so it will be better quality. Your only gunna fit one show on a cd tho.

Yamano667 2004-03-12 20:31

Nero Burning Rom !! Rocks

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