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DasDingus 2010-03-06 00:34

Anime that make you cry
I'm looking for suggestions of emotionally draining anime that will make you cry. I've found I'm more susceptible to crying due to romantic/family related drama. I don't really care if it's a happy or sad ending, just that it's something that makes the viewer cry at some point.

Stuff that made me cry in the past:
Clannad and AS: Was pretty much crying on and off from the end of episode 16 of AS to the finale as well as at the end of Kotomi's arc
Spoiler for Kanon:

So stuff like that I guess. Thanks in advance.

darry 2010-03-06 00:38

Kimi ga Nozumo Eien

GreatTeacherKen 2010-03-06 00:47

Grave of the Fireflies (family-related): The movie is relatively subdued in the sense that there aren't many big dramatic moments, but it's still very melancholic until the ending which made the movie the first fictional work to make me cry. The movie is very depressing and has virtually no humor so be warned.

Air TV: (family-related) Since you liked Kanon and CLANNAD, I'd recommend this as well; it's by the same people and is as tear-jerking as those two shows. It's a bit closer to CLANNAD thematically, especially the last arc.

ef, a tale of memories: (romantic) A very good romance drama with an unique visual style that I think actually enhances the drama. It's relatively subdued until episode 7, and from that point on, the show becomes an emotional roller-coaster.

Buttercup~ 2010-03-06 00:53

Here's a few that made me cry... I won't add details since they're all going to be spoilers =P I also cry really easily in anime so the list might be long haha

Honey & Clover II
Fruits Basket
Full Moon wo Sagashite
ef ~ a tale of memories ~
Bokura ga Ita
Ginban Kaleidoscope
(I actually didn't love this anime too much but it still made me cry >_>)

SeijiSensei 2010-03-06 09:10

Most recently I'd say Kemono no Sou-ja Erin did it for me, both tears of sadness and tears of joy.

Guardian Enzo 2010-03-06 12:04

Seirei no Moribito
Grave of the Fireflies

Scorch 2010-03-06 18:51

Twin Spica - it's about a girl who wants to become a rocket driver and her friend Mr. Lion, who was an astronaut.

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu - manages to be both depressing and uplifting at the same time. Only 6 episodes long, but it's done well enough that I felt a quick attachment to the characters.

5 Centimeters Per Second. Actually, anything by Shinkai. He really likes the theme of the distance between people.

capture 2010-03-06 23:53

agree with grave of the fireflies...

anyway for some classics I recommend Romeo no Aoi Sora and A dog of Flanders

Guardian Enzo 2010-03-07 00:14

Adding, having just finished re-watching it, True Tears.

And how could I forget Natsume Youjinchuu?

Full Metal Coast 2010-03-07 22:04

you need to watch Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora, Myself;Yourself H20 Footprints in the Sand and the ef series.

grylsyjaeger 2010-03-07 22:22


Originally Posted by darry (Post 2945544)
Kimi ga Nozumo Eien

Seconded. Great show of discovery and the pain of being left behind.

y_nikita 2010-03-09 09:07

grave of the fire flies !!!! it is not an anime serie but i seen it may be 10 times and still cry everytime without exception...

Nowusee 2010-03-10 05:12

:()!!!! Read bitter virgin, really depressing. Actually, i never felt happy reading it it was so depressing.

HayashiTakara 2010-03-10 18:37

Fushigi Yuugi
Ayashi no Ceres
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Aishiteru yo Baby
um... I'll come back if I remember some more.

Full Metal Coast 2010-03-10 20:50

you should also watch True Tears.

Sackett 2010-03-10 21:08

Maison Ikkoku

Cross Game

Chrono Crusade

Honey and Clover
Very much so, I had to watch that one in small bites.

Banner of the Stars III

Cosmic Eagle 2010-03-10 21:54

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu
Ginban Kaleidoscope (well almost, but it is rather sad)
Top o Nerae! Gunbuster (Yes, some parts were rather emotional)

Question: Banner III was when the Abh fleet went to conquer that prison world right?

InitialGT 2010-03-10 23:58

this is a awkward suggestion but Naruto is a good tearful anime

DasDingus 2010-03-11 00:59

Thanks for the suggestions. I watched AIR and Sola. Sola was great for 6 episodes but kind of wasted its potential. That and the ending was saddest for the character I liked the least so it didn't get to me as much. Air was also good although it was a little too confusing for me to enjoy a lot. Working on ef ~a tale of memories~ right now.

kaname08 2010-03-11 01:43

For was the last episode of Kannazuki no Miko.

I've heard about Grave of the Fireflies, and that it's really good and sad as well.

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