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Weretiger_Rei 2010-03-29 16:29

Piano and violin mix
So, despite my previous angry issues with one of the moderators, after a few days of thinking it over, I think I will end up reposting this in the 'correct' forum section.

To the mod I spoke to, my apologies, again, i thought music was music. Didn't matter if it was user made or not. Regardless~

Here's a mix of Uninstall that I made a few days ago using two separate sources (A piano and violin, surprising no?) into a single song. The idea was originally from some random guy on a youtube reply.

So here it is. Yes, it still needs work, yes I wish I wish the quality was higher. If anyone knows how to do either of those using Audacity, I'd love to hear it. Currently, increasing the amplitude causes my speakers to do an odd crackling sound, which I'm sure nobody else wants to have happen, so it's just very low in volume at the moment.

Weretiger_Rei 2010-04-21 12:28

So after a few weeks of work and deciding that the previous song sucked because I didn't record the sources correctly, I put some time into this and actually redid the whole thing.

Found a version of the song without words, and re-recorded the piano and violin parts, rebalanced everything. this is the third version of this, and probably the final... though I've been told the piano should be a little louder. I might do that if it's big enough of a deal.

The file sounds much better in .ogg format than .mp3, but youtube doesn't like .ogg files at all.

Feel free to post comments, critiques, etcetera. Also friend requests are welcome.

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