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Urzu 7 2010-04-20 03:30

RIP Peter Steele (Type O Negative)

He died on Wednesday. I just found out now. This sucks a lot. :( I really liked this band. I figure they are around 9 or 10 in my top ten music artists. Some of their songs I didn't care for, but a lot of their songs I like. They have a unique sound. I don't know any bands that sound just like them.

It is also weird that he has died at a relatively young age; a lot of his song writing centered around loss of loved ones and death and coping with this aspect of life. Everybody goes at some point, but it is kind of ironic with him considering his song writing.

Type O Negative fans, your thoughts?

TooPurePureBoy 2010-04-26 17:25

Ya sad to hear (and a little surprising considering I always figured he was a vampire) of his passing. Type O is one of the bands I grew up listening to. While I can't say I loved everything they did they certainly wrote a shit load of good songs. Some of which like "green man" I consider part of my "The Teenage Years" OST.:heh:

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