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costas84 2010-04-24 02:23

Kana - Little Sister.
Anyone played this game?

Its a very good Visual Novel where the main character takes care of his little sister which is sick in the hospital for years.

The ending is very touching or sad, made me cry even though im a guy.

DingoEnderZOE2 2010-04-24 05:40

Godspeed new person....

costas84 2010-04-24 05:47

This thread is about Kana - Little Sister, im not saying its my favourite game, this thread is a discussion about THIS game, how did you find it? Did you like it? Did you cry at the end? And etc...

And for your information, my favourite game is Warcraft 3.

DragoonKain3 2010-04-24 12:04

I dunno, but I actually found the twist at the end for Kana's paths to be contrived. You know, where they copped out and now everything is fine and dandy by...


Yumi's paths on the other hand, are nothing short of inspiring. The amount of devotion and sacrifice shown there makes it the best tear-jerking romance I have ever had the pleasure to read, bar none. Really showcases everything I love about osananajimi couples and highlights it to the nth degree.

One of the few games of its kind where I finished all the routes, the other one being Crescendo.

dr_marronflower 2010-04-30 07:31

Kana Little Sister, I have fond memories from this game. Was one of my first Visual Novels, and is still one of the best.

Its a beautiful, touching, sad and nostalgic experience. I love it.
The first ending that I reach was Snow. I cried... I mean... was raining... yes... raining a lot.

izmosmolnar 2010-05-03 14:08

It's still my favorite Tanaka Romeo game. It was a really great vn to play.
I really wish someone would have made a voicepatch using the remake's voices.

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