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monir 2010-06-04 01:39

Magic, Physics, and Abilities of Negima!
This thread is dedicated to discussing, compiling, and analyzing the all-encompassing subjects of magic and all of its relevant practice, the science that is physics, and the various abilities (Shinmeiryuu, martial arts, clairvoyance, ESP, etc) within Negima!.

Since a lot of the discussion and focus will originate from the manga, please be aware that spoilers are allowed (from any appropriate source) within the thread.

Eternal Regnum771 2010-06-04 02:26

Just to throw it out there, CanonRAP has a nice relevant related resource site that is Vetus. And Zefyris has been and still is translating the Nazenani Negima!, which has some interesting fans'-questions-being-answered thing going for it.

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