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Kaka 2004-03-15 21:21

Favorite character?
Did we already have a thread for this? o_O
since this kind of thread always can be found in a forum ^^;;

anyways mine is Chrno ^^
both form

Cuchulainn 2004-03-15 21:39

Mine would be Aion or Chrno.

lickmybuttfoo 2004-03-16 00:00

i like chrno

Slade xTekno 2004-03-16 00:15

Aion. He's just cool evil and isn't fully aware that what he is doing is wrong [like the drow of Menzoberranzan or Joker-san].
It's weird. I normally favor villilans over heroes when it comes to anime.

gundamfans 2004-03-16 00:52

sorry, Rosette all the way...

futago 2004-03-16 00:59

Aion, revolution for absolute freedom!!

Chrn0 2004-03-16 01:09

Well,you shouldve made a poll outta this but oh well, my favorite would be chrno and true chrno.

Kaka 2004-03-16 02:54

o crap
now you remind me ^^;;;
I will do it next time if I come up with some new stuff

cercia_highelf 2004-03-16 05:50

Fave chara
Ny fave is normal Chrno, although Azmaria is great...everyone I know seems to fancy Rev. Remington!!!!!

Misu-chan 2004-03-16 17:05

i personally like Aion, hes got a white trenchcoat, what more could you ask for :)

<xellos> 2004-03-17 01:10

well i like Aion, plus as i learned in Slayers Next, its obvious he isn't truly evil because evil people always dress in black.

Chrn0 2004-03-17 01:34

well i dont think so...if youve seen witch hunter robin the good guys are all dressed in black...and in big O roger smith and the other foos r dressed in black and they too are good guys.

Mashimaro 2004-03-17 02:48

Azmaria or aion.
Aion has that awesome evil look. Almost like sephiroth and azmaria. She's just cute ^^

Keitaro 2004-03-17 02:52

I like Rossette, Chrno, and Sheda.

Saouri 2004-03-17 08:38

My favorite character is Chrono, without doubts.
I think he is too kawaii, have a nice personality and lloks amazing when he transform into a full demon.

Z'd Jung 2004-03-20 03:48

Just started watching, so I might change this later but right now its probably Chrno. He's a 'good' devil, plus his True form is cool, too bad unsealing him shortens Rossette's lifespan but oh well.

Kaka 2004-03-20 16:19

sorry here~
I was just thinking about should I open a new thread WITH poll and ask the mod. to delete this thread?

TDKNL 2004-03-24 06:54

Chrno or Aion all the way :D

<Suikoden> 2004-03-25 11:58

Rosette!!!! :D

dreamless 2004-03-25 13:53

Currently I love the Deufo in the anime :D

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