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ChainLegacy 2010-07-01 09:26

An Engrossing Title?
Hey everyone, I've been on the sidelines of the anime scene for a while watching random series every couple of months, but I'd like to get back into the hobby a bit if possible.

What I'm looking for isn't particularly specific but it must meet one requirement: it is engrossing. I want to be pulled into the plot/characters/world (any of the three) and keep coming back for more. This is my problem with anime lately; it just doesn't catch my interest enough to suck me in.

So please suggest any titles that completely drew you in, whether that means you would watch as many episodes in one sitting as possible, or you were always looking forward to the next time you can watch an episode. The genre isn't particularly important, but I think certain types of anime are more engrossing than others: fantasy, drama/romance, and sci-fi come to mind.

Also, if you don't mind could you write down why you find the series so mesmerizing, whether it be the plot, the characters, the ambiance, etc.

Thanks a lot.

PS: Unfortunately, I've already seen a lot of anime, but I haven't seen too many from the past 3 years or from before 2002 (though some of my favorites are classics).

Shiroth 2010-07-01 12:31

Are you watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? Because if there's one thing that show can do, it's pull you in. Everything about the show, from the plot, the character development is just seriously well written. I'd actually recommend you the manga over it, though you're looking for an anime, so i went with that. It's been a pretty damn good adaptation, and there's just one episode to go (64 in total).

Though the best series in my opinion for pulling the viewers in and never letting go would be One Piece. I'm sure you've heard the reasons as to why already. :p

ChainLegacy 2010-07-01 12:47

Yeah it is actually one of the series that got me into anime back when it aired (and posting on this forum actually). I've been keeping up with Brotherhood but I've already finished the manga so I haven't seen the past two episodes. Definitely one of my favorites, but since I've been exposed to the concept for 7-8 years now the novelty has worn off a bit.

One Piece I probably have to give another go, I've watched bits over the past few years but never really gave it enough of a chance. Thanks for your suggestions.

Theowne 2010-07-01 13:14

Crest/Banner of the Stars. It has your fantasy, drama, sci-fi, and romance prerequisites and, well, I found it engrossing, for what it's worth.

ChainLegacy 2010-07-01 13:17


Originally Posted by Theowne (Post 3116219)
Crest/Banner of the Stars. It has your fantasy, drama, sci-fi, and romance prerequisites and, well, I found it engrossing, for what it's worth.

I've seen it though you've reminded me that I had intended on rewatching it sometime. I've forgotten most of the plot by now. Thanks for that.

And, your opinion is really all I'm looking for. So it is worth a lot. :p

DragoZERO 2010-07-01 14:28

My first suggestion was FMA: Brotherhood, lol.

Hmm...I have no clue what you've watched or when you stopped watching but here are my suggestions...
  • Baccano! - It has a lot of action but the drama, stories and characters kept me glued to my seat.
  • Ga-Rei -Zero- - Same as Baccano. But this one was much more emotional for me.
  • Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ - While this series has a little slow start, once it gets going, it went. Oh man. The action was great, I loved the characters, and the drama had me on the edge of my seat. And the ending was superb beyond belief.
  • True Tears - Favorite romance drama, ever.
  • White Album - I would get giddy like a school girl while the episode started. It is a real niche series, and I think I am one of the few who loved it through and through. I loved the story, the drama, the romance, the characters, the music was awesome, and it had it's fair share of humor too.
  • Xam'd: Lost Memories - This series had great animation so the action was superb. But it also had great characters and the music was great.

Guardian Enzo 2010-07-01 16:07

Cross Game - which is nowhere near as conventional as the premise suggests. Truly engrossing because the characters are beyond real and complex and the writing is so sharp.

Seirei no Moribito. Everything about it was engrossing for me - the complex, layered fantasy world. The characters are as good as any in any series. Incredible animation and music. Really, for me it's the whole package.

Divini 2010-07-01 17:31

I suppose I'll say what the best plot-driven animes I've watched <2002 and >2007: (I'm more into romances than other genres so you'll see me biased towards those)

Crest of the Stars
Martian Successor Nadesico
Fruits Basket
Cowboy Bebop
Angelic Layer
Haibane Renmei
Rurouni Kenshin + OVAs
Hoshi no Koe - Best romance I saw within a movie's timeframe
Onegai Teacher
Hunter x Hunter
Slayers + Next and Try
Princess Tutu - For a mahou shoujo the story pleasently surprised me

Clannad - This is the only anime that made me CRY. And by cry I don't just mean 'eyes tear up'.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - I think this came out in 2007... Anyway, a must watch. Ever wonder how strong you can get just by being AWESOME?
Macross Frontier
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni + Kai and Rei
Kaiba - it looks weird, but trust me it's really good
True Tears - seconded
Code Geass - if you love...
Death Note - .... anti-heroes
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
Gundam 00

DragoZERO 2010-07-01 20:05

Ah! How could I forget Code Geass!? That was an epic series. The sheer scope of it all. I second that, along with Macross Frontier, Gundam 00, Toradora and Bakemonogatari. Oh, Death Note was really good too.

ChainLegacy 2010-07-01 21:47

Hey guys, thanks a lot for putting your opinions out there. I've seen a lot of these ones you guys said but plenty I haven't so I'll be checking them out. :heh:

thefeared 2010-07-01 23:53

Youjou-Han Shinwa Taikei is the definition of "Engrossing"

MeoTwister5 2010-07-02 10:34


Originally Posted by thefeared (Post 3116971)
Youjou-Han Shinwa Taikei is the definition of "Engrossing"

This is more commonly known as Tatami Galaxy and yes definitely engrossing.

Also I will second any and all mentions of Cross Game and Tatami Galaxy in this thread.

Coruja 2010-07-02 13:49

I felt that way with Monster, I watched the 74 episodes in less than 2 weeks, I pretty much didn't leave my computer for days.

signorRossi 2010-07-02 15:42

I couldn't help but watching 'Legend of the Galactic Heroes' in a few days. :-)

Sackett 2010-07-03 11:54

Neon Genesis Evangelion.

It may screw with your mind, but it's certainly engrossing. Both for the strongly developed characters, and for the dense and confusing plot.

Haruhi Suzumiya is pretty engrossing too. At least the plot parts of it. Don't bother with watching all the Endless Eight episodes.

Mirai Nikki
should be coming out in fall I think... that will be another one.

Sackett 2010-07-03 12:47

Ugh... weird, my original post didn't show up until I posted again

SeijiSensei 2010-07-04 15:59

I'll second Monster and suggest Hikaru no Go as one of the best shows in terms of using "cliff-hangers."

devildog23 2010-07-04 20:10

I'd say any mainstream shounen fits, but of them I'd like to second One Piece and put up a recommendation for D. Gray-man. D.Gray-man starts out a little slow, but once it hit episode 40 something I couldn't stop watching. And One Pice i'd have to say is my favorite shounen out there, on certain arcs, the action and story is simply irresistible.

Some other series I felt that I couldn't stop watching
Claymore - Great action, good characters and plot (Fantasy, drama)
Great Teacher Onizuka - Love the characters, good story (but the ending is kinda rushed - read the manga after the Okinawa arc around volume 14 or just read the manga) - no fantasy or sci fi, there mainly drama
Fate/Stay Night - Great overall, I enjoyed every minute of it. There is some epic action, mixed with some heart-retching drama, romance and fantasy. It has a really original plot too. Just a good watch.

Monster - a MUST watch
Code Geass - When I finished the first season, the wait for the second season killed me, but your lucky the entire series is finished.
Bakemonogatari - Senjougahara is the greatest
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Well it is my favorite series, but I'm not sure if it fits into "engrossing"
Cross Game - What's engrossing isn't the strength of the plot, but the the character's interactions coupled with the plot. The main character is pretty great as he is almost always calm and composed, he is also very sharp and dependable. The two main females are also very cutesy and lovable. I'd say this anime has great strength of character.

ChainLegacy 2010-07-05 18:01

So, from all these suggestion minus what I've seen already I got:


17 series is great, so thanks a lot. I'll probably rewatch Hikaru no Go as well, that one was very engrossing and I completely forgot it.

DragoZERO 2010-07-05 21:49

Well, you've got plenty to watch now! Enjoy them!

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