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Moonlith 2010-07-05 11:58

Liru, more ecchi, physical contact, and other stuff!
Figured I might as well bash all my random desires together into one post :P

I just finished watching Magical Pokaan and was somewhat disappointed; the plot was, well, utterly missing, and the single episodes themselves didn't even seem to have any clue whatsoever. Quite often it was just too slow paced where it shouldn't be. The only thing that kept me watching, of course, was Liru; any showtime for her and her interaction with others was totally worth it. Though it REALLY could have used more flirting and semi-ecchi!

1. So from that is my first question; Any anime featuring any dark-skinned blonde-haired female character? Preferably energetic, outgoing, and sexy? :p (I'm already aware of the one in Love Hina and Daphe in the Brilliant Blue).

2. I'd really like a comedy anime which really features a good dose of physical contact; slapstick humor, excessive cuddling, playful or teasing fondling, or just friendly leaning against one another, arm around shoulders, etc etc. Don't really care if it's casual, ecchi, or outright violating or violence. Any tips? Oh, preferably female characters over males.

3. Speaking of teasing; any anime that features a good amount of cute semi-sexy teasing between characters, either verbal or physical?

4. Any good FIGHT-animes? And I don't mean dragonball z / naruto / bleach kinds of 'cool' fighting, I mean the -sexy- kind of fighting :p Female fighters, without too much magic (or any magic at all for that matter), but just more punching and that kind of violence. Again either slapstick or serious, but preferably in a high dose. Queen's blade was a disappointment.

5. A more minor, odd request; any anime that pays a lot of attention to delicate, soothing details? Faint rustling of clothing, soothing gentle voices, soft little grunts at certain touches, etc? I'm not sure why but I like hearing such things; they add to the atmosphere and are just comfortable.

6. Almost forgot this one; any anime which DOESN'T feature stereotypical shy timid girls? I get really bored with seeing those all the time; I much prefer feisty, energetic, confident, outgoing, rude, and kewl characters, preferably decent fast-paced most of the time as well. Especially with two or more females having a fun rivalry going on; taking any opportunity to tease and taunt one another. Any of those by any chance?

Sorry about the load of random questions smacked together :p I don't necessarily need to see anime containing ALL of these requests, although it probably would be nice, but even featuring only 1 of them would be good. Thanks in advance :p

P.S.: EDIT, almost forgot the most important one. Added #6.

Sackett 2010-07-05 12:01

have you ever watched Ranma 1/2? You might try that one.

Scorch 2010-07-05 13:45

5: Haibane Renmei might be worth a look.

6: Have you seen Bakemonogatari? Senjogahara Hitagi is an awesome female lead who constantly makes snarky comments. Her first real conversation with the protagonist is with her holding a box cutter and stapler in his mouth and threatening him. Later, she offers to do anything at all he wants to pay him back for helping her, and lists conquering the world and defeating the Saiyans coming to the earth as examples.

Kotohono 2010-07-05 14:09

Maybe Kampfer; it fits for 2, 3, and 5, 6 somewhat though fighting in it generally semi-magic based, though one of the girls is the shy type the others aren't really. If you don't mind the whole genderbending thing on the only real male in the show :p.

I'll second Bakemonogatari for having on 2 and 3 some level and 6 for sure as neither Hitagi, Mayoi, or Kanbaru are the shy at all really :heh:.

Nijuu 2010-07-05 15:24

I guess 5 fits Kimi ni Todoke if I got what you meant.

Divini 2010-07-05 16:32

1. BlackRose/Rena from the .hack// series
Ku Fei and Princess Theodora from Mahou Sensei Negima

2. Seto no Hanayome

3. Sheryl Nome does this to the protagonist in Macross Frontier... a lot.
Smilarily, Chou'un and Sousou does this to Kan'u in Koihime Musou whenever a good chance pops up..

4. Miu from History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

5. Anything between Key and KyoAni, like Clannad or Kanon
Also True Tears

6. San and Lunar from Seto no Hanayome, again.

Tira and Chocolat from Sorcerer Hunters

Minato and Yuuhi from Akane-iro ni somaru saka - though Minato sort of falls under the 'timid' type.

Kaname and Tessa from Full Metal Panic!, though they don't tease each other too much

Sheryl and Ranka from Macross Frontier
(In fact pretty much a requirement for any Macross series. Though one of the two usually starts off as shy, that person gains a lot of confidence as the series goes on.)

Kei and Miyako from ef - a tale of memories, though this is played pretty seriously.

All the girls in Goshuusou-sama Ninomiya-kun

Again, almost every girl in Ranma 1/2

Kotohono 2010-07-05 17:59


Originally Posted by Divini (Post 3123061)
1. BlackRose/Rena from the .hack// series

Bah how did I forget about her, she fits for sure on that one xD.

Nijuu 2010-07-05 19:04


Originally Posted by Divini (Post 3123061)
5. Anything between Key and KyoAni, like Clannad or Kanon
Also True Tears

Yes, that's true. True Tears is also a wonderful and delicate choice! And it's kinda short, no fillers.
It definitely fits 5.
And maybe 6. Because girls there are unique.

Seiryuu 2010-07-05 20:02

I'm surprised no one's mentioned B Gata H Kei. Great ecchi with good gags, a good dose of physical contact, teasing, and downright harassment. And of course, the main character is just about as non-stereotypical as I've seen.

For multiple girls fighting over one guy, just look up harem here or on any anime list/encyclopedia. There's plenty with small harems and girls who vary from shy to daring, submissive to domineering, and there's always at least one girl who loves to tease the others. Three pop into my head: Maburaho (not as much teasing, but enough), Onegai Twins (also sporadic in the area of teasing, but plenty of rivalry along with a messed up situation that gets in the way anytime too much progress is made), and KissXSis (this one is built on a pair of open, perverted girls who don't hide what they want to do with or, more to the point, TO the main character, and the girls' interaction spans the entire spectrum, from all-out war to severe sexual harassment and even yuri, at least in the OVA).

For sexy fight anime, Ranma is good, and Variable Geo is good (but be careful, the Neo series is all-out hentai, so if you don't do that sort of thing then stick to the original series), but I think the first thing to mention is the show that was built on this premise: Ikkitousen. Also, if you want woman-only combat, go for Platonic Heart, My-Hime, or My-Otome.

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