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Mario2 2004-03-16 17:49

Okay Im new here, I dont know if Im posting in the right board and Im sorry if what I say doesnt make sense. I am from Mexico and recently I got into fansubs and that stuff I have always liked anime and I found out about animesuki a few weeks ago.

The thing is that I dont know what anime I should download so If someone can please recommend me some anime I would really be thankul.

The last anime I was watching was Chrno crusade but I see it got licensed so I cant see it anymore :/ , my favorite genres are action, fantasy, magic that kind of stuff here are some anime that I have see maybe you guys would know what kind of anime i like:

-Scrapped Princess
-Gunslinger girl
-cowboy bebop
-last exile
-love hina

So please recommend me some anime...... :0)

Jump 2004-03-16 17:52

Looking at that list, Fullmetal Alchemist is a surefire hit with you. Pratically impossible for you to not like it.

Raven_Zero 2004-03-16 18:58

Naruto and One Piece are also very good. Also you might like Peace maker karogane and saiyuki reload.

Slade xTekno 2004-03-17 00:40

Record of Lodoss War OVA, but you'll have to rent/buy it [released in US]. Seems to suit you.
Also, if you liked Lova Hina, you'll probably like Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu?

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