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asa.hoshi 2010-07-16 03:17

Suggestion on viewing posts+question on necromancy

I came on this site today/made an account so hope I don't come across as too critical.
  1. I think it would be a good idea to have a button similar to "todays posts" or "new posts" right next to it which says "replies to my posts/threads" without me having to click my name.....user CP.....Statistics.....list of all posts......just to see if any replies. Other forums using the exact same layout as this have it.
  2. Am I allowed to revive threads in the "old series" section of the forum on a comment/question. Obviously I won't make worthless remarks like "yeah good anime" on a 3 year old thread, but genuine discussion. This is because a lot of the animes I've seen recently which are popular are currently 3-4 years old on this forum because people tended to view them the DAY they air on TV/released, otherwise I have nothing to contribute and I wither away =(

felix 2010-07-16 04:07

For replies to your threads simply subscribe to the thread. The "Replies to my posts" feature would be nice but sadly its not implemented by default. Not to mention its not always clear enough that people are replying to you -- ie. quotes are clear, @ asa.hoshi might work, @ hoshi probably will not. You'll have to link us to these "other forums," to get the idea of how it works exactly. Regardless most likely its either a internal customization or plug-in.

And yes, you are allowed to revive threads in that section.

asa.hoshi 2010-07-16 04:10

Hi felix,

Thanks for your reply, just wanted to be sure regarding revival .

In regards to the "thread subscription" I never knew about that, thank you. Oh and what I meant by replying to me is just replying to any thread I have posted it. But okay I'll have a go at that thread subscription thing =)

Thanks again

Kotohono 2010-07-16 05:12

I thought I'd mention it's also possible to subscript to whole sub-forum for a series, so you can see whenever new post made there if you're interested in numerous threads for a series.

felix 2010-07-16 07:15


Originally Posted by asa.hoshi (Post 3143037)
Oh and what I meant by replying to me is just replying to any thread I have posted it. But okay I'll have a go at that thread subscription thing =)

To view your posts simply use the Find all posts by asa.hoshi in your profile (they do get cut off at some point though). The only way to view as threads is to go to Advance Search and type your username in the right box.

The following might also help you.Don't worry about being clumsy with the forum even after reading that; its not like after 5 years I'm not. From a usability stand point the design has quite the number of errors. Even if you were trained to use it you would still likely click "last page/post" when you really wanted "first new post," just from the incompetent grouping and inconsistency alone.

DragoZERO 2010-07-21 08:56

With regards to replies...change your options ( for thread subscription to 'no e-mail notification' - this will subscribe your to every thread your reply to without sending you an e-mail. Then click UserCP on the top left everytime you visit (or make the CP your bookmark, that's what I do) and all of the threads that you reply to will be there if they have new posts.

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