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Tasdern 2010-07-25 22:16

I've looked around and I don't see any generic posts about Comic-Con 2010 so here I am.

The weather was great, the crowds were huge! Massive commercialization of the Con with lots of attention to Vampires, (True Blood), serial Killers, (Dexter) and so on. But there was some actual comic, anime and manga panels and stuff.
Next year I'm not doing any of the popular panels and I'm just going to hit the more artistic parts. I'm also going to see about staying in the Marriot so I can have nightly discussions and so on.

It was fun and a nice distraction.

-KarumA- 2010-07-29 00:55

I am still planning on going at some point in my life, I saw the promo for Tron someone cammed. A 7 minutes or so piece of the film, looked so rash XD
Also saw what could be a possible trailer for Captain America, but honestly I think it'll flop big time...

Also heard of the incident, when a dude didn't want to switch seats he got stabbed in the eye with a pen, the other guy got arrested (rather obvious when his HP shirt was covered with blood all over). Very sad, I thought things would be canceled, but they didn't D:

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