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_eternal 2010-08-12 14:33

Musashino-sen no Shimai (movie)

Film adaptation of a manga by the bishoujo artist Yukiwo. Not much information is available yet but it looks like it has a distinct gothloli flavour. Plot summary from Moetron:


The lolita-fashion wearing Midorikawa sisters, Ran and Pandora, are living a NEET carefree life in their luxury apartment in Saitama Prefecture. Then one day Pandora finds a job at a maid cafe in Akihabara. Ran becomes hostile from seeing her sister enjoy working outside while she continues her NEET lifestyle.
Not sure what to expect yet, but this looks good! I'm especially interesting because it's a movie and not a series; maybe we'll see some high budget animation for Yukiwo's designs.

MisaoFan 2010-08-12 21:33

If it's under anime form, I really hoping to see !

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