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Mhlc r 2003-11-15 00:35

where to get songs?
hi peeps...i relaly need some help here...i really want a site to download the new naruto beginning theme...called Little By Little By takusu....i want the FULL version though...i only got the short one...and i really want the stellvia of the universe song -Shooting Star ~yume e to todoke~

help? :help:



NoSanninWa 2003-11-15 03:39

It is illegal to download music CD rips. If you bothered to read the Forum Rules and FAQ you'd see that our second commandment is "Thou shalt not download any illegal files other than subbed anime, this includes ripped anime OSTs."

We support the legal importation of anime music unless it is subtitled, so please see The "Where do I buy..." Thread for information on how to import it.

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