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Keitarou 2010-08-23 08:21

Mahou Tsukai Haley no Speed Story
In case somebody missed it, like me, there has been a trailer released for the upcoming Anime Innovation Tokyo project (Cencoroll sponsors):

Mahou Tsukai Haley no Speed Story

Original Work: New
(click to enlarge)


* A scientific animation and the second project of Anime Innovation Tokyo, THINK Corporation and Tokyo Metropolitan Government's investment initiative to sponsor animation works by independant animators or small studios

What would be your guess of the world's fastest moving transport?

Haley is a student at the school of wizardry, doing nothing but racing with his friends on flying broomsticks. One day, Haley's teacher unveils one of his latest inventions - magic goggles that measure the speed of moving objects, simply by wearing them. He has Haley and his friends use these goggles and compete against each other to decide who will measure the fastest speed of any surrounding animal. Peter, frustrated after losing against Haley, challenges him to another match and the two head toward the human world, taking with them an advanced magic broomstick their teacher had developed. Although this broomstick was incomplete, Haley and Peter succeed in flying around the human world to discover the fastest moving object. Now, what do you suppose this could be…?!

Staff and cast:

Original Plan & Direction & Screenplay & Planning: Naoya
Character Design & Animation Direction: Satou Yoshiharu
Sound Work: Half HP Studio
Art Direction: Morimoto Shigeru
Work: Nippon Animation

Nemoto Keiko as Haley
Miyake Kaya as Peter
Shitaya Noriko as Rebecca
Bandou Kouichi as Bob
Ugaki Hidenari as Sensei

Content: daily life, science and magic coexist

The trailer in question:

The youtube channel of the director:

Some more information can be found on Naoya's blog: including very nice example cuts, storyboards and design sheets.

Anyway, if you were waiting for a family show produced by Nippon Animation with character design and animation supervision by Satou Yoshiharu and were disappointed that there hasn't been a new World Masterpiece Theatre series after Konnichiwa Anne Before Green Gables, this one is certainly something to look forward to, whenever it will be finished. A talented independent newcomer as first time director is also a rather interesting point about this project.

FireChick 2010-08-23 11:59

Wow! I never thought the cast and trailer would be announced! I've been looking forward to this! Do you happen to know when it's going to air?

tsunade666 2010-08-23 13:34

if it's faster than a flying broom I can only think of cars.....

Bonta Kun 2010-08-23 17:10


Originally Posted by tsunade666 (Post 3206685)
if it's faster than a flying broom I can only think of cars.....

Well considering the trailer had what I guess is a high speed train in it, my first thought would be an aircraft but then I guess that is pretty predictable anyway.
So a question of whether they stick with that thought or go with something completely unpredictable.
Altho I have hard time seeing how they could go with something else other than something that flies given the broomsticks and flying theme.

Looks pretty intereting, so I'll def be keeping an eye on it plus it kinda reminds me of Kiki's Delivery Service which I love:p

Tri-ring 2010-08-23 18:31

The names for the three service of Tokaido shinkansen is based on speed since Shinkansen when inaugurated were the fastest trains.

Kodama = Echo equating to the speed of sound
Hikari = Light equating to the speed of light

When the new limited express which was positioned as faster then Hikari they named it;

Nozomi = Wish equating to human desire is faster than the speed of light

An inner joke by ad. agency people talking about what will be the name for a service faster than Nozomi it was decided that it will be Hito no Uwasa (rumors) are the fastest of all.:heh:

MisaoFan 2010-08-24 04:49

It will be a TV series or a movie ?

FireChick 2010-08-24 06:18

According to the original ANN article, it's gonna be a TV series of about 26 episodes.

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